Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doctors Appointment...

We are now home from taking Trevor to the doctors... it was a total waste of time, they told us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! they said that we should just wait to see if gets worse... they won't do anything until he is having symptoms more frequently.... as if once a week for four weeks wasn't frequent enough or consistent enough. Maybe not for them, but for Trevor and for me it is more than enough.

He said that there are no tests to run and he thinks he is fine... a growing boy.

Oh yeah... that makes you vomit, being a growing boy and all.

Whatta jerk. So I'm going to call the office and make another appointment and see what a different doctor has to say about it.

I do not want something to be wrong with my child... that isn't at all why I want tests done... but I don't want to just ignore this and have it be something that we just over looked.

He said today that the pain usually starts over on the left side of his stomach and then it ends up hurting his whole belly. The doctor just ignored him when he said it.

UGH! I hate this doctors office... it has always been a problem... even though there are different doctors now, that seems to be our newest problem. I just hate for the kids to have to get used to someone new, when we mostly go for well visits, which are normal okay... we can deal with a dumb doctor for those. This though isn't something I want to take lightly... you never know what it could be.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions about this please let me know... I know Jenn you told me about what had happened with Ryan and I really appreciate that, something else for us to think about and see if it could be.

ALSO!! there is an update for baby Leah... the 7 month old little girl... she is not having kidney failure, after further testing, they found that she has one kidney that is backwards and it has two valves so it is working over time... so they are putting her on antibiotics and sending her home... letting her and her family get through the holidays then they will figure out what they are going to do... it isn't anything that is life threatening... thank God! Thank you all, too, for your kind words, thoughts and prayers! It means so much to know you all care.



Stephanie said...

Hopefully it's nothing serious but I completely understand where you are coming from. I was so frustrated with the doctors when Aidan had all her poop issues. When we finally saw a doctor that actually seemed to really believe us and care about Aidan I cried in her office. As a mom you always want to know, even if it means running a bunch of tests and finding nothing.

Good luck! I am thinking of Trevor and you.

jenn said...

Some doctors just suck. They should never not listen to the patient, even if the patient is a child. Is this a pediatrician? We have a family doctor, who sees us all, and I really love him. They have no problems running tests or sending us to specialists. Maybe a different doctor will be able to better help you guys.


jenn said...

Oh, and so happy to hear the little one's kidney is not too serious.

April said...

This is gonna be long...sorry...but my nephew has this same problem...he throws up constantly...most times he starts coughing after he eats and then gets's so bad that his dentist says he teeth are decaying on the back from all the vomit! My husband is his regular doctor...he did a sonogram of his abdomen and then a CT scan...he also had an EEG. After they found nothing, Mike sent him to a pediatric GI doctor who did more tests for Celiac Sprue disease and Chrones disease...all of those tests came back negative but he did test positive for H Pilori...which is treatable with antibiotics..and he also had some ulcers...all the inflamation caused him to be constipated...which still isn't all cleared up....gonna work on that while he is out of school. You need to find a doctor who will run some tests...and have a dentist look at his teeth...and make sure he is pooping. Good luck.

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