Wednesday, December 17, 2008


damn. i just added up my posts again and guess what... we aren't even close to getting to 365 posts for this year. DAYUM!!!

I am 69 short. Well 68 after this one. but still. I guess I have to break out some more meme's. If anyone has some great memes that they want to share please feel free to leave it in my comments and I'll be forever grateful to you. :)

for now here is the ALPHABET meme

for each letter of the alphabet list something about yourself.
tag 8 others to do the meme
list whoever tagged you and link them

  • A ~ amazingly bad temper when it comes out
  • B ~ Brooke's Mommy
  • C ~ caring
  • D ~ dental assistant (former)
  • E ~ Elephant ladies friend :)
  • F ~ friendly
  • G ~ girly - well sometimes.
  • H ~ homemaker
  • I ~ ice cream lover
  • J ~ Jennifer :) (is that cheating?)
  • K ~ kick ass at most things I try or do
  • L ~ Lauren's Mommy.
  • M ~ Mommy (best thing on this list to describe me!)
  • N ~ "Na" to all my nieces and nephews
  • O ~ OMG! I'm just that awesome, that's all you can say.
  • P ~ pretty damn cool
  • Q ~ queen of the castle aka our house. ;)
  • R ~ ROYALTY!! duh! Just kidding... Rich with friendship and love
  • S ~ sister to two brothers and many friends
  • T ~ Trevor's Mommy
  • U ~ umbrella song lover! rock on Rihanna!!
  • V ~ VAMPIRE LOVER!! can't get enough. and I just saw last night that there will be a New Moon MOVIE!! how HOTT?? wow!!
  • W ~ wishful thinker
  • X ~ x-ray tech - part of dental assistant job
  • Y ~ yeller... I yell at lot ask my kids. but I am working on that.
  • Z ~ zany.

So once again I tag everyone on my blog roll... or anyone else that is reading this and wants to do it... just let me know in my comments so I can come check you out!! :)



jenn said...

I made the list!!!!! Yay for me!!!!!

I love this meme. I think I might steal it for tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

I may have to do this one soon. =)

I love the Q for Queen!

Happy Wednesday!

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