Wednesday, December 17, 2008


okay. so the contractor came... he may be having a worse day than we are. so I forgive him.
Water is working for now, but they have to fix the wires and also back fill again. So we'll see.

Trevor is up and doing well. He is acting like an animal, being crazy with the girls so I know he is feeling better. Thankfully. But, this is usually what happens when he gets sick, it seems to only be morning time that is the problem.

I'm finally getting to do some laundry... for some reason it piled up really bad just over night. I don't mind doing laundry at all, but for some reason I'm slightly stressin' on it because there is so much.

I have plans to go Holiday shopping with my best IRL girlfriend, well one of them, Heather. It will be fun, b/c we always have fun together. :)

I moved some stuff around in the playroom and got stuff that goes in our bedroom out and down stairs so that is making me feel more productive.

I still have to move our clothes but first I need Bryan and Chris to move the shelves that we are using for clothes storage, for now, downstairs, so that might wait till tomorrow. No biggie.

I guess that is all for now.


jenn said...

I'm glad you got your water back. I couldn't last an hour without it.

I'm doing laundry right now too, only I have about 3 days worth, which translates into about 6 loads. Where does it all come from? lol!

jenn said...

Oh, and I'm so happy Trevor is feeling better. :)

AndreaLeigh said...

I have the hugest pile of laundry to do... it is quite depressing.

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