Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I think before we went to the doctors office on Friday that we should have all had a round of shots... not even for dealing with getting three kids flu shots, but to deal with how freakin' cold the waiting room was. ugh. it was cold out but seriously it was almost as cold inside as it was out.
Anyway... finally the day had arrived... the HIGHLY anticipated day of getting shots. They day they cried about... cried because they had to wait for it to come. They WANTED shots, they couldn't wait... they all wanted to get them ASAP!!
So on the way to the doctors office... I was asking who was going to go first... they all wanted go first... so instead of having a fight when we got in there I said we would go in age order... oldest to youngest. That was easy, plus I knew that Brooke was going to cry and I wanted her to go last so that the other two would still go without a problem.
We got called in... Trevor manned up and got right on the table before even being asked to... we took one arm out... and he took the shot like a champ! Which I knew he would. He is totally awesome about it. Once he got 4 shots and a blood draw and just sat there like it was nothing at all. He's the man. He is. :) He only said Ow. that was it. Then he got his bandaid... shirt back on and he was done.
Lauren got up there... cheesin' and so happy to be sitting up on the table. :) We took her arm out and she got a little nervous but not too bad. Bryan went along side her to hold her a little bit incase she decided to move around... she did great. She did cry some afterwards but it was short lived... by the time the nurse put the bandaid on she was done crying. :) She was the woman! She did as good as she could have!! :) I'm sure when she is 5 she'll be as good as Trevor.
Next was Brooke... she was crying before even getting on the table. I knew this. She watched the other two get their shots... and she was already not happy and nervous. She didn't want to sit on the table. But we put her up there. She didn't want Daddy... she wanted Mommy... so I went. She still fussed. She didn't want her shirt off her arm. She did it anyway... she was fussing and crying before the shot and then after the shot she was really crying. Tears and all. She was mad too. She was tense and made a muscle when she got the shot so she bled... she was the only one to bleed. We got a bandaid and her shirt back on. She cried till we left the waiting room, which was longer than our appointment to give the papers to the receptionist that we got from the nurse who did the shots. But when we got in the truck they were all fine.
They survived. They all said it wasn't too bad, except Brooke who said... "it hurtsed" with a little sad voice. Then Lauren agreed with her that it "hurted really bad". Trevor told them that it wasn't that bad and it was already over with.
So today the girls have 3 year old check ups and I'm pretty sure they are going to be getting shots again. Oh what fun. But they aren't crying or anything yet... they know they will most likely get shots so they are prepared. Lauren will go first again so Brooke won't scare the pooh out of Lauren with her crying.
AND today Grandpa will be going with us... so maybe it will be all good. We'll see. They are anxious to go to the doctors still so that is good. They have been asking me all morning when is it time to go. lol And even Trevor wanted to stay home from school today to go to the doctors, even if he had to get a shot he still wanted to go with us.
I can totally understand him wanting to stay home and not miss out on something. Although really he won't be missing out on much... we are only going to the doctors and that is it. Nothing else. Not lunch not anything fun. He will have a much better time at school and have a LOT more fun there.
That's all for now. I'll let you all know how we make out today!!



jenn said...

What little champs! I can just see Trevor being the best big brother, setting a great example for his sisters. He is going to make some woman very happy someday.

Hope today's appointment goes just as well.

April said...

Good luck on the Dr. visit! I have two that take their shots without a hitch...my 5 year old has actually asked for a shot instead of taking antiobiotics! But the 7 year old drama queen acts like she's dying...screaming and crying...thank goodness her Dad's the doc and brings the shots home...I wouldn't want anywone else to experience the madness!

Jennifer said...

Jenn ~ they did pretty good, and I have to say I was really impressed and proud of them. :) even the girls did good... well Lauren did great... Brooke did good. :) what more can you ask for. I, myself, am a BIG baby when it comes to shots. ugh.


April ~ I think it would be best for all if their dad could bring home shots and do it at home... how great. being married to a dr when having children must be heaven sent!! i would love to have a dr on hand 24/7 wow. :) i think girls are pretty dramatic about EVERYTHING! at least my two girls are. :)


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm glad it's over! Hope the next round of shots goes well.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Hope the next day's shots went better for poor Brooke. I used to be the same way about the dentist when I was little. I just loved going and would get very excited about it.

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