Monday, December 8, 2008

Title Not Available :P

Good Morning.

Here in upstate, but not all the UP - upstate, New York it is FREEZING. I'm talking not being able to breath outside kind of FREEZING. So cold that you don't even see your breath any more because your nostrils are FROZEN shut from the frigid temperatures and you aren't able to actually breath. Now that is cold. That is beyond cold. That is totally ridiculous. This isn't the arctic circle this is NY we are talking about. What is going on??

Okay. Okay. To be very truthful with you all I may or may not have caught some drama bug from my three year old daughters... I have heard that it is contagious, not highly, but none-the-less contagious. And, I tell you folks this because I haven't even stepped one foot outside, nor do I plan on doing so. I can tell how cold it is in my house, where it is supposedly heated so I know it has to be at least a million, trillion, KAbilizion ~ yes that DOES happen to be a word! ten times worse outside. There is no chance of me and the outdoors meeting today.

I also have no vehicle today. Which sometimes bothers me, but today I have no problem staying home, hanging out and most importantly NOT going outside where it is so freakin' cold. After yesterdays tree hunting trip, I'm good with no outdoors for a while.

The day went fine, the kids were GREAT EXCELLENT during breakfast, like OMG perfect little angels. Not even just my kids... my two nieces were excellent too. I'm telling you, NOT feeding them for a month week a few days before taking them to eat in public really worked. They sat. They ate. They were quiet. They were happy. They were well behaved!

*fun-ness level = 10 (breakfast/dinner)

Score ONE for the parents! oh and the kids I guess too, after all they were the ones that had good behavior.

Getting the trees wasn't too painful/horrible bad. The girls fell asleep on the way up to the place, do you call it a tree farm? Well anyway they zonked out. So they are always a little whiny fussy when they are woke up from any nap... I can understand this... I'm not always the most pleasant either and not after I'm awakened from a nap too. (LAUGH) (APPLAUSE) :P

*fun-ness level = 10 (drive up)

Okay, so anyway... we got them all bundled up, and then off we went...

*fun-ness level = 2 (getting 3 kids bundled up)

up, up, up, UP the mountain.... NOPE no trees that we like and/or want

*fun-ness level = 5 (going up the mountain)

down, down, DOOWWWNNNNNNNNNNN the mountain, way more fun with little kids than going up, the mountain.

*fun-ness level = 8 (going down the mountain)

Across the icy parking lot, across the little dirt road, over the small brook, where every child tried to get into the water via the small bridge with NO sides.

*fun-ness level = 2 for adults 9.5 for kids (parking lot, ice, water, bridge)


up, up, up, UP, UP, UP the other mountain with all the kids... who were no longer having fun or cooperative with walking, standing, listening, getting along or even being carried.

*fun-ness level = -3 (going up the mountain)

FINALLY they found a tree! yay! yippee! Oh JOY! Oh RAPTURE!! yay! Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!!

*fun-ness level = 9.5 (finding a tree) ~ only b/c this means we can LEAVE!


down, down, DOOWWWNNNNNNNNN the mountain again.

*fun-ness level = 9.8 (down the mountain & LEAVING!)

So at about the second up, up, up, UP the mountain it was beyond windy, snowing and freezing. My head was so cold that I couldn't barely talk because my mouth was frozen. It would have been an excellent time for any facial piercings I have been considering but we didn't come prepared... darn it!!

Get down to the brook, little bridge, dirt road, icy parking lot and truck... get the kids unbundled and in the truck with the HEAT on HIGH. Say our goodbyes, pay for said tree, and off we go!!

*fun-ness level = 8.5 (brook, bridge, dirt road, icy parking lot, undressed road, HEAT, goodbye, pay for tree, off we go!)

The drive home is about 40 minutes or so, and by "or so" I mean I'm totally guessing because I didn't pay attention AT ALL to the time... I just know it felt like 5 hours and I know it couldn't have really been that long so I'm trying to be rational.... so we'll go with 40 minutes.

The kids were LOUD, picking on one another, crying, fussing, whining, annoying and did I mention LOUD??

*fun-ness level = -6.5 (riding home with three tired, bratty kids)

Came home and got everyone in for a nap. Laid on the couch watching TV until I dozed off myself and slept for over an hour.

*fun-ness level = 10+ (kids napping, mommy napping, daddy watching football) LIFE IS GOOD!

So that was our day yesterday... and I think I had a point to all this... like since we were out in the cold, frigid, Arctic weather yesterday there is NO need for us to venture out again today! :) Was that my point? Yeah... I'm not sure either, so don't feel bad.

So anyway... today we are going to frost some sugar cookies we made last night. We did cutouts so that they are more fun for the kids! :) I also have some sprinkles which are a HUGE hit with my kids... they love to put them on things more than they like to eat them. :P

And we might also make some Christmas decorations and stuff... not sure just yet. But we will probably do something.

Have a great day!!


Jennifer said...

Happy Monday!

It's pretty chilly here in Michigan, too. Brrr...

Have fun frosting and decorating your cookies. That's the best part of making cut-out cookies, isn't it? =)

Stephanie said...

That must have been fun, I am allergic to real trees but I love their smell. :(

Pregnantly Plump said...

I've never been to a Christmas tree farm, but always thought they looked kind of fun. And I don't blame you about the cold. I wouldn't get out in that either.

LceeL said...

My dear and darling Jennifer. You don't need a point. That's the point.

jenn said...

Cutting down a tree on a mountain in the snow...does it get any more Christmassy than that? I'm glad you guys had such a good time. We use a fake tree every year. I hate the real ones...only because of the mess of pine needles, and having to remember to water it. Too much trouble for this lazy mom! lol!

I made gingerbread cookies a week and a half ago, and they are still waiting to be iced. My kids are out of school for two full weeks for Christmas, so I'm saving the rest of my baking and the icing til then. I must be crazy...but at least it will give us something to do.

Brandy said...

I posted about how cold it is here too! I loathe cold weather and when it's only 21 in the mornings it makes me want to hide. Ugh.

Thanks for stopping by Friday! I hope you'll come back to see my giveaway this week! I just put a little teaser up...

Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

I'm in California and when it gets to 65 degrees I think I'm going to die. Yikes, I can't even imagine my nostrils frozen shut!!! Does that REALLY happen?!! Enjoy cookie decorating and don't forget to take pictures!

Allie said...

Wow, and I was bitching about how cold it was here last week. Remind me never to move to NY.

PS J's blog is closed down for awhile or maybe forever, I'm not really sure (probably not forever though). I'll keep you posted when she has it back up.

Anonymous said...

Is it true what Scott Schwartz says? That your tongue will freeze to a pole if you stick your tongue on it? I TRIPLE dog dare ya!

AndreaLeigh said...

Let me know how your crafty stuff turns out! Oh, and I got bit by the drama bug as well. :)

April said...

Wow...nostrils frozen shut! I will never complain about a Mississippi winter again! Can't wait to see a picture of your tree.

Jennifer said...

Jennifer ~ you are definitely right about frosting them being the best part. :) I made some creamcheese frosting, used food coloring to make yellow, red, dk green and light green and let the kids have at it... they had a blast. :) i love how they all came out too... only the frosting didn't harden. oh well. next time my mom said try adding Cream Tartar. we'll see. :)

stay warm! :)

Stephanie ~

It was fun, but cold. :) it would have been more fun if I would have brought sleighs to pull the girls on so they wouldn't want to be carried... it was hell carrying them up the hillS!! lol

that sucks that you are allergic, I love the smell too!! I can't wait to bring ours in the house... but first we have to re-arrange some stuff. like our entire room. ugh.

but we are making some progress. :)

hope all is well with you. :)

Pregnantly Plump ~

We have been going for about 8 yrs or so... I can't remember exactly, but it is really fun. we have breakfast together then head upstate more, then we hike around looking for the best tree. :) there is always snow ball fights and someone falling so it is blast. :)

this year was kind of calm, I think b/c we were all so cold. lol

I did stay home all day yesterday and it was GREAT!! :)

Lou ~

I usually don't have a point, so that is a good thing I don't need one. :) lol thanks for always being so loving!! :)

Jenn ~

Nope. isn't that awesome. I love making this part of our holiday tradition for the kids. :) I think this is something they will always look back fondly and remember. at least that is what i hope for. :)

i'm not too crazy about the mess of it... and i don't water it ... that is bryan's job. lol but this year it will be on hardwood floor so it will be much easier to clean up. :)

i wanted to make gingerbread men, but nobody in my house will eat the gingerbread cookies. but we made some sugar cookie men. they were cute. :)

you are a great mom to let the kids help you do baking and decorating and all that. :) but it sure is fun to do it with the kids. :)

Brandy ~

I LOATHE the cold too!! not sure why i still live in NY. ugh!! i can't believe how cold it has been here. not right. it's just not right.

i stopped by for your giveaway can't wait to drop back in to see what it is... i hope i was right. :)


wow... 65 cold. wow. i would love that kind of cold. i'm talking about 12 or 14 and it does get colder... and YES your nose does get frozen, but not shut... just enough to be annoying. lol :) I did take pics, but cannot find my USB cord to put them on the computer. i'm havin' a hell of time finding anything these days. ugh. the joys of moving.

Allie ~ i'm so glad you are back. and it sure is damn cold here... don't move to NY if you hate the cold... but it would be awesome if you lived near me. :P but since we both hate the cold we could pick some where warm to live next to each other. :)

I hope J is okay. Please let her know i'm thinkin' of her and hope she comes back soon. :)

TattooedMinivanMom ~

it will. and i'd try your triple dog dare... ONLY it would hurt too bad. lol maybe after my new years bash when i'm a lil tipsy I would take you up on it. lol

AndreaLeigh ~

we didn't get to much of it. we just decorated the hell out of some sugar cookies... i let them have at it with the frosting and some sprinkles they had a BLAST and it took them a while so it was good. :) they all needed baths afterwards, but that's alright. :)

maybe this weekend I'll get some crafty things made with them. :) Again ~ I loved all the great things you made. you are very talented :) good luck with the drama bug. :) lol

April ~

NY is cold. Nostrils freezing cold... not joking. lol but it sure is nice to have a white Christmas with snow and all. I would love to have a warm Christmas one year though. that would be AWESOME!! my cousin lives in FL and she said she has had 80 degree weathear Christmas day... wow. we are happy if it is above 30 here. I will definitely take pics of my tree.. but not sure if I will know where my USB cord is to post them. ugh. still trying to find things from the move. :) but they will be up eventually!! :)

thank you everyone for your comments!! i love them. you are all the BEST!!


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