Friday, December 5, 2008


Thank God It's Friday!

I have typed this post over and over at least 4 times now. I just can't seem to get it right. I always just sit here and sort of type away... thinking but not using all my brain power. Just sort of rambling on the keyboard and having it spill out into a half-assed post.

Not that I need this post to be something meaningful and spiritual or anything like that.. but just something that is worth reading and that maybe I, myself, wouldn't mind coming back and reading at some point down the road.

I love blogging. It's a release and very relaxing for me. I can be me, I can vent, ramble and get things off my mind and chest. And almost all of the time, in not all the time, I get positive feedback, love and support. No one is judging me here. There is no crap, no drama... everyone is friends. I wish my life could operate this smoothly.

So I'd like to be better at writing on this blog. Make my posts more organized and interesting. Just I'm not sure how to do this... so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to share. I'd love to have some different ideas on how to make my writing better. (thanks in advance!)

*back to the original scheduled post*

Friday? How did that happen? I'm happy it is Friday but at the same time, I'm not sure how we got here already. Time is running away from me. I think it is because I have a lot on my plate right now and it all has a deadline on it having to be done.

Of course, the biggest serving on my plate is a triple heaping pile of steamy NEEDS-TO-BE-DONE-&-NEEDS-TO-BE-PERFECT-CHRISTMAS. This year they are all into it. They all "get it" they all ~*BELIEVE*~ in Santa... this is a magical year. I can't afford to not make it perfect... but at the same time I'm struggling to afford to make it Over The Top perfect ~ best Christmas ever! I have to find balance. They are 5 and 3, they will be excited no matter what. They will LOVE what Santa is going to bring them. I think this is just me, that is thinking there needs to be more and bigger and more and better stuff.

On the side of the heaping of CHRISTMAS is the dreaded HOUSE!! The big bite that I took that is getting to be a little too much to chew... yeah. that one.
They haven't started our foundation yet... it was supposed to be started LAST Tuesday. They forgot to mail the check to the contractor... oops! (I don't buy it, but whatever!) He hasn't started YET!

Bryan is working on our bedroom downstairs, just half of it so we can at least put our bed, nightstands and some boxes down there and get them out of the playroom. We will probably finish the other half and the WI closet after the new year. This Saturday, in fact, you will be able to find Heather and I knee deep in primer... everything should be dry and ready for a first coat. yay!! (thank God for Heather and her LOVE of painting... I really do love that girl!)

Bryan and Chris have also been working on The Man Cave aka the bar area and a bar for in it. They have big hopes, dreams and aspirations for their Man Cave... some aren't even close to reality.. but we let them dream, plan and play. It keeps them from annoying us for a little while. Plus we are having out Third Annual New Year Eve Bash!! So to have the bar area finished or at least partially done so we can use it will be cool. I'm not sure how much they are going to be able to get done in there, but we'll see.

Along with Christmas for the kids is all the decorating of the house. My living room is pretty decked out... but once our bed and stuff is out of the playroom I will have to get a move on cleaning and organizing in there to decorate and put the tree up. We are going Sunday on an annual family trip with Bryan's side of the family to get our Christmas tree. (I'm not looking forward to this too much... I'm expecting LOTS of drama... and I'm soooo NOT in the mood for any more drama!)

Well speaking of heaping loads of stuff on my plate... one of my little heapings is here crying and whining at me LOUDLY... she is just full of drama and upset today. Her heap on my plate is covered in whine, tears, fits, laying on the floor and occasionally yelling. Isn't it great to have TWO three year olds to be able to enjoy this in STEREO?? Why yes!! Yes it is... that way I'm sure to not miss one single solitary minute of crying, whining, fussing, foot stomping, fit throwing, temper tantrum having, begging, pleading, squealing, screaming, yelling, laughing, singing, talking, giggling and all that. Some of it I really enjoy... the other 75% of stuff I could totally live without and would be fine. Maybe I should explain this to my girls... that they could knock off all the girly drama crap and I would be able to go on with life just fine. Hmm... I might have to try this.

Well I should really get up off the computer, do what I gotta do and get it done so I can pick Trevor up early from school. I have to get them all ready to go the doctors for the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Shot Day!! ~ BTW Trevor was fussing at me yesterday about "Why do I have to wait till tomorrow to get my shot?? Why can't I just get it today?" I asked if he was nervous for it and just wanted to get it out of the way or something... and he said "No. I'm not nervous at all, I just want it so that I can be healthy. It only hurts for a second, why would I be nervous?"

Some of you yesterday were shocked by my children's reactions to wanting to get shots... and honestly I'm not sure how we did it... but they are all really good about it. Trevor is the BEST, he sits there and takes it like a champ... always has, since he was old enough to understand what was going on. The girls are getting way better with it, but are still little so they may not totally get it... but they are anxious just the same. We DO NOT buy them toys or reward them for being good about getting shots. We DO NOT torture them with nail guns or other horrid things so they are used to pain. We DO NOT talk about it like it is bad either though... we make it like is sort of good thing... after all it is to keep them healthy so it is a good thing... and we are just very honest with them... when they have to get shots, we just tell them straight up that at their appointment they are going to get a shot and that it will pinch/hurt for a second, but they will be fine.

I'll let you all know how we actually make out tonight... they are all getting flu shots. Then next Tuesday the girls are getting three year old shots. By then the memory of today will still be fresh so we'll see how excited they are to get shots then.

Well I have procrastinated to my maximum limit today so I should be going. I'm sure I'll be back since procrastinating is my Thing and I have a lot to do and a time limit on getting it done. Yep, that's how I roll. ;)


jenn said...

I don't do shots. Ever. When given the chance, I will not be present when my kids get shots. Hubby does it. I can't stand to watch someone hurt my kid. Even if it is just for a second. My doctor doesn't even ask anymore...if it's just me, the kids get antibiotics instead of shots. I'm a whimp, and I know it!

Sounds like you guys are making lots of progress on the house. Maybe not as much as fast as you would like, but progress none the less. You know if I was there I would be knee deep in primer with you guys! I <3 to paint!

As far as your posting, I wouldn't change a thing! The way you write is what makes you YOU! It's why I love ya!

April said...

I love the way you's as if I'm listening to you talk! (I always think mine is a little too edited.)

You are one lucky mom about those husband brings the shots home and gives them we have screaming kids at home instead of in the clinic!

Hope you have a dramaless trip on Sunday!

Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

Write what YOU love. And if someone else loves it too, that's icing on the cake. BTW - Cool blog!

aybi said...

Wait till you daughters gets a little older, They will be even more dramatic. They are just like my 5 year old daughter. Oh well, We just love them so much.

I find your blog really interesting. I've been reading your posts and yep i can relate to it.I gave you an award. hope you could check it out

God bless and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Momisodes said...

Oh hun, you have quite a bit on your plate. I love that you refer to it as a "man cave" LOL! :)
I hope everything with the house starts to come together a bit more soon. Good luck with the painting this weekend. It can be such a workout. Big hugs to you all :)

p.s. I tend to jot down ideas for posts on anything I can get my hands on when a thought comes to mind (even if it's just a sentence). I'll find a few jumbled words on a napkin, or Target receipt. I also try and pre-write posts in Word so I can look at it all as a whole and edit at will. Sometimes that's a good or bad thing.

LceeL said...

I love your comments - and when you get your roll on, I love your long and rambling posts.

just jamie said...

I know what you mean about blogging -- loving it, needing it, needing more of an organization with it...

You were certainly on a roll with this one. Bravo!

Aubrey said...

Just be you. Continue to write like you have been! Someone told me to carry a little notebook in my purse and if I'm out and about, jot the idea down. Also, I will start little drafts of posts here and there when an idea strikes. Then, I'll revisit it when I'm short on material.

Oh boy! Sounds like you do have a full plate! Hang in there. I'm sure you'll be able to start crossing some off soon!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~