Thursday, December 4, 2008


I found THIS great blog the other day ~ Delta Kids ~ and I went there to visit today and found that April had tagged me for a meme. :) Since I'm trying to reach my 365 posts this year with out doing the formal blog365 thing of every day posting, and I'm short about 80-something posts, I'm happy to do a meme. Something fun and interesting instead of the other crap I was going to post. lol

Here are the rules:

Link to your tagger and list the rules
List 7 random facts about yourself
Tag 7 people (and make sure you check back and see what they say!)
If you're tagged, play along and pass it on

1. I LOVE coffee!! But I will only really drink French Vanilla coffee with French Vanilla creamer or reg coffee (if I have to) with FV creamer. BUT I love it. :)

2. I LOVE to have my hair cut, played with, brushed, styled anything... BUT I get the weirdest feeling... sort of like chills or pin and needles down my back and arms when I get my hair washed at a salon.

3. (for new readers) I have three children. I have a five year old little boy who's name is Trevor and he is ALL BOY ... ALL the time!! lol and I wouldn't have it any other way! :) I also have twin girls, Lauren and Brooke, they are three...(my son turned 2 and a week later I had my girls.... natural!) and full of drama and they are most definitely ALL GIRL, but not all the time... because sometimes they like to act just like their older brother.

4. I LOVED being pregnant!! I would do it again and again and again if I could. I would do it for other people too, but my husband and I have a little difference of opinion on that... so for now I haven't pursued that option ... YET! This is something I'd really love to be able to do for someone... what greater gift than the gift of a child/life for someone? I can't think of one.

5. I am a stay-at-home-mom, and I am not very good at it. I want to do more with my girls... teach them stuff and play with them more... really enjoy this time with them, because I know it is going to go by in the blink of an eye... in fact a lot of it already has... three years already wow.

And I know I'm going to miss them very much when they go to pre-school next year because I miss my son every day... it has gotten easier because he is very happy in school, but I still miss him.

6. I read the Twilight series and LOVED it!! I also went to see Twilight the first night it was out... sometimes I think I'm a little too old to be so into Twilight and (blush) Edward Cullen... but then I just rationalize that I JUST CANNOT help myself!! lol I really loved the books. I can't wait for the Midnight book to come out!! I read it online, what is there at least, and am hoping it comes out soon!!

7. I was a dental assistant before I was a SAHM and when I go back to work I'm not sure what exactly I will go back to doing. I loved being a dental assistant, but not sure if I will go back into that field or not. As of now, it is what I would like to do... I know it and love it and don't have to worry about what I will wear to work each day... scrubs are so easy, but I'm not sure if it will work out for me to do that again. We'll see.

So that is all there is about me... at least for now. :)

I usually don't tag anyone... but this time I will... if you get tagged and want to do it... great... if you can't or don't feel like it... that's okay too. And if you don't get tagged but want to join the fun... please feel free to. :) let me know in a comment and I will add your name and link you so that everyone can check yours out!! :)

I tag:

  1. Pregnantly Plump
  2. Amie
  3. Just Jamie
  4. Milly
  5. B Boys Mom
  6. Angie
  7. Tattooed Minivan Mom


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

This was the perfect post for me to read, since I haven't been here before!
Thanks so much for visiting, sounds like you have a lovely family,

B Boys Mom said...

Thanks for tagging me. I'm going to get to work on my 7 things.

heathersister said...

Nice to meet you Jennifer. I will get to my meme soon. Check back for it. Come back anytime to drool over my "Edward Pictures".

Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blog roll. I've added you to my "Cool People" list! Anyone with twins, I have to admire! I'm babysitting my three year old twin nephews this afternoon and I know I'll be exhausted by the end of the evening!

Momisodes said...

You are a wonderful mommy! I'm sure all 3 of your children love having you home and will one day cherish this time with you. Especially once the girls are in preschool :)

p.s. I love FV coffee too.

jenn said...

I like that I knew most of these things already. Just shows how much I love ya!

Oh, and I love kristen up there, too. (aka mighty morphin mom) and tammy (aka b boys mom)

AndreaLeigh said...

I also love Twilight and french vanilla creamer! How fun. Love the meme!

Feel free to add me to your blogroll. Thanks for stopping by today!

Kellan said...

I love this meme! I love only MY Foldgers coffee with Hazelnut or French Vanilla creamer - YUM! I just started reading the Twilight series (my girls begged me to read them) after I saw the movie last week. I'm enjoying the books and really liked the movie.

Have a good Friday - see you soon - Kellan

April said...

Thanks for playing! It's fun getting to know you! I love being pregnan too...and it seems to happen without even trying...but I'm not sure if I could do it for someone else!

Allie said...

Your wish is granted my dear!

Anonymous said...

Wazzup stalker! Thanks for the tag. I love it when you tag me. And thank you for your compliments. Your checks in the mail :)

Nina said...

I can't believe you are trying to post 365 posts. That is cool but I could never do it. Good luck getting those last 80.
Congrat's on the MEME you deserve it.

I loved being pregnent with my first child it was so easy but the second one was a whole different ball game.

just jamie said...

Woo-hoo! I needed some blog material. Thanks for the tag. (I loved being preggers, too!)

Pregnantly Plump said...

Thanks for tagging me! Your facts are great. I keep hearing great things about Twilight, and am debating whether or not to get into it. I'm the type that once I'm into a book, I cannot put it down.

Stephanie said...

I loved being pregnant too, probably why I have done it five times. :P I would do surrogate, but I am not sure my body can handle it.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~