Thursday, December 4, 2008


my girl is crying. sitting on the floor crying her little eyes out. inconsolable. i tried. it is breaking my heart too. i hate to see my kids unhappy... for any reason.
why is she crying like someone stole her favorite toy, told her Santa isn't real or broke her heart? why? well because she can't go to the doctors today to get a shot. she has to wait till tomorrow.

yes. yes I am VERY serious! this is why she is heart broken and she is crying terribly. i tried to tell her that she is going tomorrow and that it will be here before she knows it... but that didn't help. she almost got more angry when i told her that they were all going to get shots tomorrow. SHE only wants to go get a shot... not everyone. I tried to tell her that she will get to go next Tuesday as well, but again, it didn't help.

I'm guessing this is just the beginning of a lot of crying, upset and heart break with having two girls. I'm hoping that one day they will be at least a little bit easier to talk to and reason with. at three it seems that NOTHING is easy with them.

who ever it was that said, when having twins it gets easier... they left out some major information... it gets a LOT harder before it gets ANY easier. but another twin and mommy mantra that i love is: this too shall pass. thank God it is pretty true... it just sucks like hell when the passing takes a LLLLOOONNNGGGG time... like a year (for them to turn 4).

wish me luck and LOTS of patients... i think today is going to be a rocky day. ;)


LceeL said...

Oh my poor girl. I have no idea what you're going through with twins - that has to be unique, to say the least. Our older two boys are but two years apart and for quite a few years you would have THOUGHT they were twins - but they aren't and we never had 'twin' problems - just 'boy' problems - you know - like taking EVERYTHING in the house apart at least once.

But twin girls - and each with their own special little personality? Ouch!

Do you need a bottle of booze, perhaps?

jenn said... does she love getting shots?

Is there a reward involved for being good about it?

Or does she just like pain?

LOL! That is so weird!

Girls can be so much fun!!!!

Nina said...

OK my kids cry because they have to go get shots not because they can't. LOL... the poor thing.

Don't worry at about 5 it gets easier, at least with my boy it did. Of course he still has his moments where he cries just like that and their is nothing I can do to make it better.

Aubrey said...

Oh no! Sad but so cute! Let us know how the shots go!

Stephanie said...

Ha! I guess that's better than Aidan crying because she MIGHT have to get a shot. :P

Kristi said...

Wow..that is quite the drama. Hang in there.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Poor thing! Tomorrow should be lots of fun for her I guess. I have to get shots once a week, and must admit that if given the chance to miss them, I would probably do a celebration dance. I hope the rest of the day goes better.

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