Saturday, January 3, 2009

April Showers

What do April Showers Bring??? FREE stuff!!

Wait did I totally copy that from you April? ~ sorry. lol

Anyway... I found from April at Delta Kids ~ she is on my blog roll go check her out ~ that April from April Showers is having a bloggy give away!! REALLY cool stuff too. Stuff from MARK. (avon) and also a gift card to Bath & Body Works!!

I totally want to win, but hey, I'm gracious enough to give you all the chance to win too!! :) You know that's how I roll... plus you can't enter unless you post about her giveaway. lol

BUT, in my defense I soooo would have told you all anyway... because I love ya! :) Good Luck... well yeah... I guess I mean it. Good luck. (but I hope I win!) lol


AndreaLeigh said...

i saw that, and wow, it is an awesome giveaway! good luck to you!

Aubrey said...

Oh yes! I saw this and want to win!! But if you do, I'll be happy too!

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