Sunday, January 4, 2009


today i'm bored.
there is plenty to do, but for some reason i have little to no focus or ambition.
i want to do something, but nothing that is here for me to do.

yesterday we took a trip to just get out of the house and walk around the mall.
window shop.
on our way the truck started making a HORRIBLE noise... sort of like a flat tire.

but, it got way worse.
we stopped.
it was our brakes.

we went in to Lowe's and looked around.
got back in the truck to go to the mall.
noise is worse.
brakes seized.
tires locked up.

we are in traffic.
Bryan gives it gas.
something breaks free.
we go.

we have to stop again.
holy shit.
we stop.
we can't get going again.
almost get rear ended.

we move.
HORRIBLE noise again.
we are thinking the worse.
big $$$$$$.
possible tow.

Bryan calls his brother.
he comes.
they try to find parts.
the calliper is ripped off.
bolt broken.

auto stores say no good.
discontinued part.

new truck?
i wish.

not today.
they go to Lowe's.
found the right bolt.

go to Sears.
get the right wrench.

problem solved.
truck is good.


thank God my BIL and my dad and brothers know how to fix stuff because other wise it would have been a LOT of money for us to have the truck towed and then fixed. ugh. it ended up costing us about $50 total. not too shabby. we were thinking a LOT more than that.


jenn said...

Car trouble sucks! I'm glad you got it fixed pretty cheap, and that you guys didn't get hit. Junior always fixes our car, so we usually get it done pretty cheap, too. Mechanics charge way too much!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Bless your hearts, I can totally relate Sam and I went through a ton of horrible cars and their troubles.

We were headed through the drive thru of Burger King for breakfast and the tire broke off the car and fell over sideways. The car collapsed on the pavement! So I got out of the car, surveyed the damage and told Sam, you think God is telling us to lose weight?

Yea, sucks isn't the word! LOL!
Glad it worked out!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

what a blessing 1) that you're safe and 2) that would could be costly turned out to be inexpensive. that's awesome news!

Aubrey said...

Auto repairs are the WORST. Ugh. I'm glad you have such resourceful men in your life.
My hubby? Not so much. Thankfully, his close cousin (more of a brother than his real one!) works on cars as a hobby. He has helped us save so much money!

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