Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm not sure how today is going to go. We are starting off with a two hour delay for Trevor. It would have been nice if we were all able to sleep in for two extra hours, but that never seems to be the case.

The kids were in bed last night before 8 PM, which was a good thing. We need to work on our bedtime routine and time a little bit more. Before we moved they were in bed by 8:30 PM at the latest. But, since we have moved, they are in bed around 9:30 PM, sometimes earlier, but mostly around 9:30 and I'm not even sure they are sleeping by quarter to ten. That is way too late when they are getting up around 7:20 - 7:30 in the mornings.

I think a bedtime of 8 or 8:15 PM is good. We'll have to see how tonight goes.

I went to bed at a descent time, but didn't sleep well thinking about what time I had to get up and the stuff I had to do in the morning to get us all out of the house to take Bryan to work and then take Trevor to school. I tossed and turned all night long. :(

~Jenn I hope that Brandi had a good night after being so upset and worried about homework. That just breaks my heart. I'm sure once she got to school she was relieved to find out you were right that she wasn't missing any homework and all was good. :) I hope they all had a good first day back to school!!

As for working on pre-school stuff with the girls today, I think that maybe will will work on one small thing... that might not even be considered something more than just playing, but we will at least do that. The two hour delay puts me totally off schedule.

I do have to walk out the door in a few minutes to take Trevor to school. But will be home after a trip to my parents and the post office. I want to do something with the girls and I really want to get most if not all of my Christmas decorations down... so I'm shooting for some. lol You have to set realistic goals though if you want to be able to meet them. :)

When I come back I think I have some pictures to post. I will probably post them over at my Priceless Pictures blog, so I'll let you all know.


Kristi said...

I was reading your entry this morning with interest since it looks like I may be starting preschool at home with Aaron next week. I hope Trevor has a good first day back.

Brandy said...

I stayed up late and then ended up watching TV till 2 in the morning knowing I have to get up at 6:30. Duh. Not my smartest move but it's hard to transition back into my work routine after being off.

Looking forward to the pictures!

jenn said...

Bedtimes were a nightmare last night. Brandi was still up at 10:45, and ryan didn't drift off until after midnight. Luckily, they all bounced out of bed this morning with smiles on their faces. Not a tear was shed. YAY!

Let me know what you do with the girls. Most of the time, at their age, playing is learning. :)

Can't wait to see new pictures!

Stephanie said...

I was so happy it was back to school today. :) They were really driving me nuts yesterday. But I stupidly sat up until 1:45am on the phone with K and finishing my first ever sewing project. I am going to post about it after I leave here.

Hope everything goes well today.

We have always had very strict bedtimes for the girls. Lilly and Delilah stay up until 8, the other two go to bed at 7 or sometimes earlier.

Jennifer said...

home schooling, well doing pre-school at home with the girls will be a challenge because they both get frustrated pretty quickly and want to just walk away from things, but i'm hoping to fix that or at least work on that with them by doing pre-school stuff at home. i also plan on documenting it here on my blog how things are going and what we are doing during the day. so maybe we can bounce some ideas off one another. :)

that is usually what i do. but instead i tried to go to bed at a good time, but it didn't work so well b/c all i did was toss and turn all night thinking about getting up in a few hours. lol
hopefully tonight will be better for both of us. :)


I'm glad that kids were happy this morning to go off to school. that is great. i hate rough mornings it just sets the mood for most of the day. ugh. glad all went well. :)

playing is definitely learning, so we are going to work on that too. they play so well together and keep one another entertained most of the time so I don't usually play with them. but i'm going to get more active with that. :)

i'll keep you updated.


I was pretty happy about school starting again today, but wish that it was all of them. getting rid of one is nice, but three would be better. lol :)

they do alright with learning from me, but they want to just get grumpy and walk away, so i'm trying to teach them that even when things aren't going their way they can't just walk away... it doesn't work that way in the real world... so maybe this will help. today we just took it easy and did some playing with beads. we'll see.

i'll be keeping updates on the blog about it. :)

i still have to get to your blog to see your craft!!


thanks everyone for the comments. :)

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