Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun with Twins

I guess this could have happened with any siblings, but it just made a good post title to say twins, and after all, that is what the girls are. :)

Poor Lauren has been coughing up a storm, so I have been giving her cough medicine, over the counter stuff, that most likely doesn't do anything, but maybe psychologically make her and I think it is doing something and help in a very small way that way. Anyhow, my poor sweet girl has been coughing a lot, and when she goes to bed it seems like it is NON-stop coughing.

We propped her head up more so that maybe it would help. She seems to sleep through the coughing though so at least that is good.

Last night though, just as we went to lay down she was coughing, coughing, coughing. I heard her over the monitor. I was had just made it upstairs to check on her and give her a drink and fix her pillows when she gagged and threw up... on HERself, HER pillow, BROOKE and BROOKE's pillow. Yum.

She is now awake. She is also upset that she threw up. I start to pick her up when she throws up again, this time all over the blankets that were covering her. I call for Bryan over the monitor. He comes up stairs. I get her out of bed and she throws up on the floor and all over her jammies (whatever wasn't covered the first time).

We get her stripped down and give her a drink. She stops coughing. Thankfully. I get her all washed up and in new jammies. She is feeling great. :) (she even said she felt great!) lol Bless her heart.

Bryan takes out the pukey blankets and we start to get Brooke up to change her. She wakes up after I have her jammies off and start to wash her arm. She is happy and smiling. It is after 11 PM but not much later than that. We get her changed. She is now wide awake with Lauren.

They are smiling, happy girls. Amazing. :) We fix their bed up and tuck them in. They went to bed easier this time then the original time we put them in that night and they were actually both in a good mood. ~ I can't even wake them up from naps because they cry and carry on and have such an attitude and fit that lasts until they go back to bed that night, it is unreal. So who knew that they would be okay with all this last night.

I also put some Vick's on Lauren's chest AND much to Bryan's second guessing on the bottom of Lauren's feet. He doesn't think there is any way that this would really help and/or work. BUT, she did cough a LOT less. I'm willing to try almost anything to make her feel better and be able to sleep more comfortably, especially if it's as simple as putting Vick's on the bottom of her feet.

Well I guess I should go start to motivate the troops. I am not feeling well at all this morning, my stomach is NOT happy, so it may take us more time to get going and get out of the house this morning than usual. Better start now then.


April said...

Sorry you had such a tough night! Don't you just love Vicks...my husband, the doc, says it does not work! But I still use it...I love it...it makes me feel better even if it doesn't give any real medical treatment.

Stephanie said...

I hate vomit, especially when I do it myself, but a close second is cleaning it up.

Poor Lauren, it sucks to have a horrible cough. At least Brooke woke up happy and they both went back to bed happily.

I hope you feel better by now.

Have a good day! :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

My sister just told me the other day about putting Vick's on the bottom of your kid's feet to help them stop coughing. I thought she was nuts, but she says it helps! She's got twins too (3 yr. old boys) She says she learned it on some Twins website chat room.

She always tells me that when you are desperate you will try anything! I hope everyone starts feeling better real soon.

jenn said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. Brandi used to be bad about puking when she coughed too hard. And, because she sleeps in my bed, it was usually all over me. It's not a fun way to be woken up, I can tell you that!

Annie said...

I heard about the Vicks on the bottom of the feet too - I was wondering if it worked. My friend tried it once and said it worked awesome.

Aubrey said...

Oh no! Poor Lauren! Nights like that are rough!
I'm a big believer of Vicks on the feet! LOL

AndreaLeigh said...

i've heard that feet are the best place to put vicks vapor rub. sounds like it helped!

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