Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~570 Posts~

I have posted on this blog 570 times. That is pretty cool, at least to me.
I'm still up. It is already "tomorrow" at 1:13 AM. I'm going to be one tired mama when I have to get out of bed and function.
But, honestly... I'm enjoying the quiet time.
I updated and blinged out my blogs. That took F.O.R.E.V.E.R!
I must be dumb or something because I have NO freakin' clue how to save all your info,
like your link list and such when you change your template.
VERY frustrating. So I had to visit copy and paste all of your blogs to both my blogs.
at least I still have every one's info and can still find you all!
Well I think I have done enough computer/blog stuff.
I'm off to bed.


jenn said...

So pretty!

Brandy said...

All your hard work looks GREAT! And I'm a high roller...YAY!

Aubrey said...

I'm just like you. I have no idea and always spend the longest time cutting and pasting. There has GOT to be an easier way!
The blog looks fab!

Anonymous said...

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