Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Trevor gets to go to the library every Tuesday in school, and then for some weird ass reason they have to bring the book back in on Wednesday... seems like they should be able to have it a little longer, but whatever.

What is interesting is his selection of books. We have had a wide array of them...

there is the typical kindergarten boy book... Biscuit. cute. readable. good starter books.

then there was the book on volcano's. can totally get it, he likes them. they talked about it in school. okay. still not very interesting or strange.

then there was the book on bikes. all kinds of bikes. motocross, choppers, crotch rockets, you name it, the book had it in there. still normal. he loves bikes. okay...

then we switched it up to All About Africa.... does the boy even know what Africa is? Nope. I read it to him, he barely paid attention, it was okay I learned a little bit anyway.

then there was the book on Running Backs. All about them, their career, what one does, and some of the famous ones of past and present. Okay. He likes football... b/c his daddy does. he wants to play football b/c his daddy does. BUT do we need to read a book about Running Backs? nope. he barely paid attention to that one either.

then there was the book on POODLES. yep. every size and style. the history of them and all that. he paid attention a little bit because he likes dogs. it was an okay book.

this week he brought home Military Vehicles and Weapons. we haven't read it yet, b/c he is off today so I'm sure we'll get to it some time today.

I'm just amazed at the variety of books he brings home. I'm glad though, it is good to broaden your horizons and what you learn about. :) He has broadened his from fictional puppies, to bikes, to running backs to Africa, to motorcycles, to Poodles, to military stuff... I wonder what he will bring home next week. :)


jenn said...

I know when Brandi goes to library, they have a pre-selected group of books to pick from, and she sometimes complains that she couldn't get the book she really wanted. She gets to keep hers for a whole week, though.

Kristi said...

Noah loves non-fiction books too. He picks those "discovery"books for his quiet reading time at school. We fill a bag with them and he takes it to school for the week and brings it home on Friday to refill. I am amazed at the things he is interested in. It must be a boy thing. When I was little, I wanted to sit and read girly story chapter books.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Well if ever you meet a poodle in a military vehicle asking for directions to Africa- you'll be able to help ;}


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