Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunny Happy Day!

The sun is shining bright and warm, and I'm having a pretty good day. I'm tired, but other than that things are good. :)

Brooke & Lauren are upstairs playing with Walter and they are having a blast together. Only a few little squabbles, but they were between the girls. lol I thought about taking them for a walk, but not sure who I'd have to carry back so we are staying put for now.

I'm FINALLY getting caught up on some laundry that has been here for WAY to long! It feels good. I think mostly it is the SUNSHINE that has me feeling so good and wanting to get things done... when I'm done typing this I'm going to up to tackle the playroom. It is a mess and really needs to be straightened up, sorted out, some stuff thrown out and really organized and for some reason today I really feel up to the challenge, even with THREE kids under foot! :)

Also... Heather's grandmother is probably, maybe, possibly coming home tomorrow from the hospital, which is the BEST news! They weren't sure how long she would need to stay after the brain surgery and then also if she would need continued care for a while in a nursing home... thankfully she is doing awesome and, of course, ready to come home! :)

On a SAD note, my friend, Melissa's little boy, Leland, is in the hospital, he has been there since Friday. He got this horrible stomach bug and was vomiting and having diarrhea and was severely dehydrated... they are keeping him one more night... at least. :( I guess he has stopped vomiting but is still having diarrhea, and now has an ear infection. Poor little guy. So please keep him in your thoughts and prayers along with his caring, loving and I'm sure very tired parents. (Melissa has only left to take a quick shower and go back to the hospital, I'm sure she is beat!) :(

Well I'm off... I hear the kiddos getting wild with some monster trucks.... but at least they are happy! :)


jenn said...

Poor little guy...
Yay for Grandma! All those happy vibes worked...

Pregnantly Plump said...

The sun makes me feel like I get a lot more accomplished, too!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~