Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Blueberry coffee, Slim Jim's, coupons, three NOISY kids, a headache, Motrin, blogging, bad/bitchy mood, messy house, lack of desire to do anything productive, THREE NOISY KIDS, needing chocolate, pictures, tired, headache....

What does this all mean??




I'm almost positive!! Or else we are all in trouble.

I'm drinking some great blueberry coffee that my mom got for me...yummo! thanks mom!
I'm having a major headache, so I took some Motrin.
I'm going to cut some coupons, because I find this totally relaxing and need to relax some today because, well because I have...

THREE NOISY KIDS here today. :P I have Lauren, Brooke & Walter. They are being good and playing well together, but they are NOISY!!

I'm in a bitchy/bad mood b/c of a lot of things, but mostly b/c I let myself get into situations b/c I don't say what I think/feel and I'm really annoyed at myself for this... pathetic.

I'm also ~ probably ~ in the bad bitch ass mood b/c I'm pretty sure I'm PMSing... b/c I am having some Slim Jim's with my blueberry coffee... I know totally GROSS!! sorry can't help it... I have also raided the house for any and all chocolate, with NO luck though. SUCKY SUCKY!

My house was looking good, but then I brought home THREE NOISY and obviously MESSY KIDS! SHIT!!

I want to do laundry so I can stay on top of it and not have it MOUND up again and I want to load the dishwasher and run it so it won't need to be done when I have dinner dishes... and apparently I am the ONLY one in my house that knows how to load, run and unload the dishwasher... either I'm a complete GENIUS ~OR~ my husband is an effing IDIOT! You figure it out!

I also need to vacuum... oh well.

I feel like when I get over whelmed with things that I want and or need to do.... instead of doing one thing at a time and slowly getting through it all, I get overwhelmed and start to have a slight anxiety attack and then I do NOTHING... none of it... I totally look the other way and then I usually come to blogland where things are happy and bright and you all love me and can't see my MOUND of laundry, my MESSY playroom, and my carpet that needs to be vacuumed!! :) yay for blog therapy... and the opportunity to PROCRASTINATE while keeping in touch with FRIENDS!! :)

Okay... I'm done here... ONLY b/c I really have to pee... I have had wayyyyyy too much coffee and honestly my hands are starting to shake... too much caffeine and SUGAR... whoa!! lol I might now have the energy to do something else besides just use the bathroom... go me!!

OH ~ and I also posted a bunch of pics on my other blog... yeah... more procrastinating... only that shit is so annoying b/c it takes EIGHTY FIVE years to post a damn picture... what is up with that?? OH well... go check them out!!


jenn said...

On my way to check out the pics....

It's okay to be pissy/bitchy every once in a while, especially when you're the only one doing anything! I have Brandi home today with tummy issues, so I jokingly told Junior he can clean the house, since he is off today, while I tend to her. He said, sure, and I about hit the floor. But, here we are, me blogging, and him napping on the couch, and the house is a mess. Oh well...I'll get to it eventually. I know he'd do it, but he'd do it wrong, and I'd just have to redo it, so it's really better in the long run that I just do it to begin with. Did any of that make sense??? lol!

AndreaLeigh said...

i'm pmsing as well and blueberry coffee and slim jims sounds so delicious!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~