Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cleaned the truck.
cleaned the girls.
cleaned myself.
picked up Trevor.
went to the PO.
came home.

:) not too shabby. lol

the kids are outside riding their bikes and scooters. I can see them out the window as I type this. they are all doing good and getting along... for this minute. for some reason Lauren has been pretty fresh and naughty lately and I'm not sure what is going on with her... she is usually my best behaved... for the most part. This is extremely out of character for her... and the worst part of all is that she seems pretty proud of being naughty. I'm not sure how to discipline her bc, honestly I haven't ever really needed to. Only once in a while for minor things, I scold her and she understands what I mean and she is done being naughty. as of late though, talking, scolding, time outs, taking away things, being upset, sad whatever nothing works. She is very defiant and pretty happy to be that way.

I'm wondering if maybe it's the allergy meds. Maybe they are altering my sweet baby girls personality. :( bummer. i'll have to see how the rest of the week goes... but as for today and yesterday it isn't off to a good start.

Trevor on the other hand, was absent yesterday because of his appt with the specialist... so today was his first day back... he also missed Friday last week bc of stomach issues and I took the girls to the drs. but anyway... today was his first day back, and he did GREAT. His teacher had said he seems to have a hard time following directions as far as behaving himself... mostly he is fooling around with other kids in the class and doesn't always stop when asked... and sometimes has to be asked several times and then reminded again even after he stops. Bryan thinks it's just boys and that he is maybe bored in the class... I some what agree, or actually I fully agree, but still expect him to behave. Bored or not, boy or not, I want him to be good and listen... He is doing EXCELLENT academically so that is good, so maybe he is just bored.
Today when I talked to the assistant teacher of his class, she said that he is doing great. And that honestly she doesn't have a problem with him ever, he is just a boy and maybe because she has boys at home close to the same age as Trevor, she knows how to deal with it better or understands it better, but she said he is fine. Today she had to talk to him twice, only because when she asked a student a question if they hesitated or didn't know the answer, Trevor would tell them... or call it out. She said it was only that he got it a lot faster then the rest of the class and so he was antsy to wait for them to say it. Also since he knows it and they don't know it, he wants to help them out and give them the answer, he doesn't understand that by giving them the answer he isn't really helping them out... he thinks it's actually a big help to them. :) so really is only trying to be nice. :)

well Brooke hurt her finger and is running cold water on it to make it feel better, and Lauren needs a bandaid on her knee, so I guess I should go take care of them, and also check on Trevor... who just came in... great minds think alike!! :)

well i'm off to tend to my babies.


Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Talking about kids acting out, from what I have seen with Alex is that he is a great kid but he is just that, a kid and he will go through stages. We spank his butt when he gets too out of line and it works. We have a very well adjusted kid who minds his manners and is thoughtful of others and kind. I am not a fan of time out. I have however taken a toy or privilege away for acting up too.

As far as Trevor, have you ever had him tested for being above average? If he gets the answer before everyone else and is bored, sounds like he's not being challenged mentally! Thats a neat thing!

Well, hope all the boo boos are healed quickly! :}

Have a great evening! Many hugs to ya!

Jennifer said...

hey Missy! :)

you are totally CORRECT. they are kids!! they all need guidance and some of the time will test the waters... that is what they do. that is how they learn and that is why we have them... to raise them. if they came out knowing everything we wouldn't need parents.

we spank too. i just am not sure that would work for her for this stuff she is going through. i'm not always a fan of time outs ~ but some times we all need to just chill and be out of each others faces and then a time out is GREAT. like now while Brooke is nagging me and being in my face about EVERYTHING... we just need a time out from one another and to be honest, she really probably needs a nap, and I could stand one too. lol

We haven't thought about having Trevor tested bc no on in the school has ever said that, so we just thought bc we are his parents we think he is really BRIGHT and extra smart!! I will mention this to his dad and see what he thinks, thank you for suggesting that... and honestly for me that was also a great compliment about Trevor, so Thank You! :)

well i'm off to read some more blogs... and yours is the first one I'm hittin' up!! :)

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

You know, you know your kids best. I have great faith that you will be able to get her back on track with no worries!!!

I just mention spanking because thats how we roll with our little homey who has kid moments like everyone else!! Every kid is different and you know yours best. If you got a system, do it! I am behind ya!

I think all of us moms need a time out sometimes...far far away on a warm beach that doesn't allow children or husbands and has flowery drinks full of alcohol! LOL! Just a small time out :}

As far as Trevor, just from what you have said, I would guess that he is above average and needs to be in an advanced class or at the least have a teacher working with him in a setting that is challenging him! If he knows the work and isn't getting challenged why send him? Do you know what I mean?

I can't wait to hear whats up him!

OOOOH I keep forgetting to mention, are you familiar with I can read books? Alex LOVED these books and all yours could enjoy these


Hope you enjoy!

Talk with ya!!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

LOL! Massive typo- sorry-

NOT(I can't wait to hear whats up him!)

I mean, "whats up WITH him!"


I'm a dorkfish, lol!!!

jenn said...

dorkfish...yup! I like that...

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~