Tuesday, April 28, 2009

all shook up...

uh uh... yeah yeah!!

I was trying to get on here before to type about my EXCITING pedometer news!! I was so happy to share that I'm almost at 20,000!! woot woot!! BUT then something even more exciting happened...

I was helping Trevor brush his teeth tonight ~ like we normally do and when I brushed the bottom he said his one tooth was hurting him. I checked it out and found nothing. So we moved on to the top teeth and left it alone for a minute. He rinsed out and was still complaining about it hurting him. I felt bad. I asked him if I hurt him with the toothbrush? He said no. I asked him if it was his tooth that hurt or his gum... he said he wasn't sure, but he thought his tooth. I asked him what kind of hurt it was. He said he didn't know just that it hurt him. So we wrapped up brushing, he did his fluoride treatment and then we were in the living room watching the rest of American Idol. Out of no where he brings it up again. He wants me to call the dentist and make him an appointment, only he wants me to call RIGHT that moment. I explain to him that they aren't open but we can call in the morning. I look at his tooth again, try wiggling it to see if it's loose or not, and nothing. I feel horrible. I don't wan my little guy to have a tooth ache or a pain in his mouth at all. :( His dad offers to check it out... and he tries to see if it's loose and sure enough... IT IS!!!

Not sure what to believe I have Trevor come next to me again and I try once more to see if it's loose... and sure enough IT IS!! :)

My boy checks it for himself and guess what he discovers... IT'S LOOSE!! yay!! Trevor's first loose tooth!! woot woot!! Then I explained to him that what he was feeling probably wasn't really pain, but a little discomfort and that it was something he hadn't felt before, so he maybe thought it was pain, but that it's something normal and he will be okay. If he wants to mess with the tooth and wiggle it here and there that is okay, but he must make sure he washes his hands before and after... and that he really shouldn't play with it in school. I also told him he could just leave it and it will get more loose on it's own and eventually fall out.

With all the NEW information and NEWS my boy got so excited he jumped on the couch on my lap and started HUGGING me like crazy... he was smiling from ear to ear, and couldn't contain his excitement and happiness! :) Which quickly spread to his dad and me!! How could you not smile and be so excited for a boy and his FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!! :) yay!!

So at FIVE years and SEVEN months (tomorrow) Trevor has his Very FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!!

woo!! celebrating going on here!!


** the funny part is that just a few weeks ago Trevor and I were talking about loose teeth and all that... and he was saying how everyone in his class has lost some of their teeth and he hadn't. I told him how it's best to keep them for as long as you can bc then you will take better care of your adult teeth bc you'll be a little older and also have more practice brushing. :) I also told him that most of the kids in his class are older than him. Like his friend Kate, she just turned six. He is one of the youngest bc his birthday is in Sept. He will still be five when he starts first grade... but anyway... I was kind of wondering when he would start to loose teeth... and to be honest, I wish it was so soon. :( Part of me wants to hang on to anything baby and "young" about him for as long as I can... and the other part of me, the dental assistant part of me, wants to have a little longer with baby teeth till his is a really good brusher! lol But every day we are working on that and we are getting better and better. :)

I'm happy he is happy. I'm sad that my baby isn't really a baby any more. :(



jenn said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for him!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of him when it finally falls out!!!!

My kids had a teacher in elementary school who enjoyed pulling the kids teeth...in fact, she pulled quite a few of ryans!

LceeL said...

Ah. A right of passage. The first loose tooth. He's growing up.

So, tell me, what is the Tooth Fairy giving these days? Is the T.F. short on bucks because of the economy? Is there a cutback in the Giving Programs? Curious minds want to know. Besides, Curious Minds seem to be missing your long and rambling and funny comments these days.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Woo!!! Doing the boogie dance!!! Wooo!

Love being the Tooth Fairy. For a cute laugh you should check out an older post of mine about the tooth fairy!

I have to laugh but you can't tell him not to mess with it at school. Can you remember being little and having something different with you and going to school, lol! If I had a loose tooth I would be phhth phhththing it all day! I might phhhthth it so much it just shoots right out! LOL!

Have fun with the teeth!!! :D

Nina said...

Your one day of steps was really great. I wouldn't want to count because I would just get mad. I spend to much time sitting at my desk at work.

His first loose tooth. Yeah!!!
My son has lost two and has two loose now. He wont wiggle them at all so it takes forever to get them out.

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