Monday, April 20, 2009

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I'm sitting here, it's cold and raining out... well almost snowing... I'm not sure what to say it's doing out b/c it's not sure what it's doing out itself. lol

Anyway... I have been doing okay with my steps... I didn't make 20,000 the other day, and I could have tried harder, but I did okay, I was happy with my number from Saturday. Actually I did pretty good Thurs. Friday and Sat. Sunday I dipped down some, but it was still okay.

Thurs ~ 16th ~ 15,517
Fri ~ (missed Zumba) ~ 17th ~ 14,388
Sat ~ DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! ~ 18th 17,770
Sun ~ 19th ~ 9,983 ~ could have done better!

So today I'm not sure what my number is... I wasn't going to look till later, but I think I'll look now, post it and go do part of the Zumba routine and see what I boost my numbers to then... darn... I'm only at 2718 ~ that isn't very good. ~ But I know I'm having a lazy-do-nothing kind of day... so I need to step this up... no pun intended, well okay maybe.

Also, last night Bryan and I went to a comedy show with some friends for our friend Jillian's birthday... it was a good time. There were three comedians there, not including the people at our table... hardy har har! We laughed a LOT ~ which I guess is the point of going to a comedy show. :) Thankfully my parents could babysit for us ~ because at the last minute Bryan's mom backed out... her husband called and said she had to work late and a bunch of other mumbo jumbo crap... whatever.

When we got home from the comedy show, Bryan took his shirt off and was in the kitchen, and I saw something on his back... I thought he had a big scab or something... it was a dark spot... so I look closer and it's a tick... burrowed right into his back... UGH!! I hate ticks, they are the one thing that totally FREAKS me out!! Like seriously makes my stomach flip and I can't stand them... but anyway... I tried to get it out of him... it was a tough little booger and I only got part of it... his back was really irritated and swollen up some... so this morning he went to Urgent Care and they cut the rest out and said there was only a small amount of the tick in him still... they put some antibiotic cream on and a bandaid and sent him on his way... they said there is almost no chance of him having Lyme diseases... and he didn't ask about lemon disease... whatever he's a guy and doesn't always think of all the questions to ask. LOL I know I'm a dork... it's okay, I'm good with it. So that is that. I hope that he is okay.

AND it is now officially SNOWING here!! WTF??

I'm off to step step step... and get my butt moving some!! We'll see what numbers I report back with later.
I've already lost 8lbs, I just need to loose another 18 or so...



jenn said...

Yay for you, on the loss and the steps! I forgot, yet again, to put my stupid pedometer on. I must have some kind of serious mental block about it. Gawd.

I hate pulling ticks out, too, and usually leave it up to Junior. now, if it was on his back, he would be in trouble, and I would have to call my mom or something. Oh, and I have heard that baby oil makes them loosen their grip...maybe that would have helped?

Lemon! You are a dork...but I love ya anyway! lol!!!!!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

LMBO! TOO funny, I'll have to remember that one about the lemon...heehee, I am an upgraded model of a Dork, I ma'am am a Dorkfish! Check out Bill Engvall to give you the update on Dorkfishes<--thats me!

When we get a tick, we take fingernail polish remover or even alcohol on a cotton ball and coat the cotton ball with it, hold it on the whole tick for about 20-30 seconds and it backs out of the hole and then you can squish it. I know sounds seriously gross but works every time!

I am so proud of you for working your tail off ! You and Jenn are rocking the pedometers. I told Sam about it the day before yesterday and we are going to look into buying us both one!!!
You guys have inspired us!!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~