Saturday, May 2, 2009


okay, first things first...

***TREVOR lost his FIRST tooth!! And by "lost" I mean... totally lost. He swallowed it. :( He was so upset. Poor kid! I felt horrible and I have to admit I was a little disappointed myself. I wanted to keep it... it was after all his first baby tooth that he lost. But after we told him the tooth fairy would still leave him something under his pillow he cheered up. He was really concerned about that part.... like most kids. :) And the tooth fairy came through with shining colors!! She left him $2 :) Way to go tooth fairy!

She was in and out of here before I even got home last night... and did a great job!!

I went to ZUMBA last night and had an awesome workout!! I haven't been in too long! :( It felt so good to burn so bad. I was really sweating up a storm too, and although it's gross it's awesome to know your body is working that hard! I think I'm going to to try to get to ZUMBA again tonight at an extra class they are holding. I'd love to make it but I'm not sure bc it's right at 5 o'clock and that is usually dinner time for us... I'd have to leave about 4:30 and wouldn't get back till about 6:30 , not that two hours is really that long, but I'm just not sure what we are doing today. I think we are going to camp over at my parents house in our camper. Just for something different for the kids. I think they will LOVE it. I just wish it was a little warmer out. But we'll see. I have TONS of blankets and I'm sure that Bryan can fire up the heater. :)

Well I have to go get the girlies in the bath. Trevor went first, and while he was in there I painted the girls finger and toe nails ~ they look so cute! It's bright red, so it's really noticeable. :) I know some people are against painting little girls nails in general and some would really have a fit about red on little girls, but I LOVE it!! They pick their nails and I hate it... mostly bc their fingers look sore. :( So I just made a deal with them that if they stop picking their nails when we go to the store next time I will let them each pick out a new nail polish color of their choice... that should be interesting... I know a while ago Brooke said she wanted PURPLE ~ no surprise, it's her FAVORITE color... and I think Lauren wanted TEAL... which is her FAVORITE color and then she was also saying something about getting ORANGE. lol that would be cute... not neon... that would just be annoying. lol So we'll have to see how they do with not picking and then we'll see what colors they pick. :)

Last night Adelle and I were going to go out to Gully's... it's a bar/restaurant/club... really nice place. It's an old barge so it floats in the Hudson River!! very cool!! But after Zumba we were both really lazy and tired and decided we would just rent a movie on tv and hang out at her house. We rented Role Models... it was funny. Not as funny as I thought it would be but good none the less... I also kept dozing off here and there, I felt horrible, but I was beat. We are going to go out another night to Gully's when it's a little bit warmer and when we have MORE energy. lol

so that was that.
I'm off to bathe some kids and get them ready to head over to my parents house.

tootle lou!

and speaking of LOU!! I know I owe you some comments, i'm sorry. i'll be to your blog the first chance I get. :)


Jennifer said...

Whew-- you're busy! Zumba sounds fun. I wonder if they have it in my area.

Have fun camping at your parents! =)

jenn said... do know there IS a way to get that tooth, right?

LOL!!!!! Have fun with that!

I want to see pictures of a toothless Trevor. I bet he was so proud of himself.

I'm glad you are enjoying zumba.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

HAHAHAHA! I wouldn't "fish" for the tooth! LMBO!!!

Well, its settled Jenn can babysit Brooke with the purple toes and I'll babysit Lauren with the orange toes, lol!

I don't think theres anything wrong with painting little girls toenails and fingernails. Its when the parents paint them up like little hoochie mamas is when I am like OK, thats enough!

Good for you for working out! I am so freaking tired from moving and finding the bottom of the floor through all the mess, I have no energy to work out! More power to ya! Oh and the Gullys sounds really neat!

AndreaLeigh said...

thanks so much for coming by the other day! i've really missed your great comments. congrats to trevor on his first tooth loss and congrats to you on a great workout! keep it up!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Aw, congrats on his lost tooth. My son swallowed one of his once while eating a sub. lol

Nina said...

Wow he sure did lose that tooth fast. It seems like you just posted it was loose. My son needs to wiggle his or they are never coming out.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~