Friday, May 8, 2009

TGIF & stuff

thank goodness today is Friday... although i'm not sure why i'm so happy that it is Friday. I guess bc then my boy is home with me for the weekend, and I do love spending time with all the kids. i still miss him while he's at school. I'm not really sure that feeling will ever dissipate. I know a lot of parents say that they don't miss their kids, but i sure do. I can't wait to go pick him up every day and get a HUGE hug from him while his face lights up with one of the biggest smiles. I just LOVE it. it melts my heart.... every. single. time. He is awesome!!

and speaking of all this... i am very anxious about starting school myself. it's been 12+ years since i have been in school... but i'm really looking forward to it more than if i had gone right after HS. I hated school... i did just what i had to do to get by... and NOTHING more. i know not good. but now i'm roaring and ready to go. i cannot wait. i'm looking forward to getting my books and getting school supplies and starting. i wish i could get my books now... or sometime in the Summer at least.... i'd love to get to look them over and see what I will be learning. :) unfortunately we can't get them till the end of August at the earliest... but Adelle and I are going to be able to get our books earlier than others bc of going on the cruise and we are also going to be able to get some assignments before hand too, so we can do them before the cruise and get them turned in so we aren't missing anything while we are away. :)

we are going to have two to three hours of homework each night... that is kind of scary.. but i'm looking forward to it for some strange reason... and thankfully i will most likely be the only one having homework... Trevor will have some here and there... bc he has some now in Kindergarten... so i think in first grade he might have some and maybe a little more often than now... although i can't be sure bc he will have a different teacher and will be in a different school all together.

last night i had so many things going through my mind it took me a while to fall asleep... i guess i just need to try to organize everything a little better and i will feel more at ease with it all.

a few things that i was thinking about are...

Lauren and Brooke are starting school for the FIRST time.
Trevor will be starting First grade in a NEW school.
I'll be starting nursing school for the FIRST time.

and it will all be on the same day! I'm freakin' out. I want to make sure the girls are okay. I want to be able to stand outside their classrooms and run right in if they need me, I want to at least be able to be in the parking lot if they need me... but i can't. i will be off at school myself.

i want to be able to stay with Trevor and see his new class and meet his new friends and teacher and all that... but i won't be able to.

i'm nervous and anxious about it all working out. i'm not sure how it will all work out. all of a sudden i'm sort of having anxiety... i'm sure it will all go a lot smoother than i'm thinking... but we'll see.
i'm going to make Bryan take the day off so that we can go together to take Trevor to school and then take the girls to pre-school and then maybe he will just stay off for the day so that if there are any problems with the kids he can go take care of it... i'm sure there won't be any problems, but you never know. i wouldn't want any of them to be upset all day and crying or missing me, or Bryan... ugh. **SIGH!!**

well anyway... at least getting it out makes me feel better... for now.

I'm off to clean and get some things done so i can hurry up and get my boy from school... and HUG him tight... kiss him and tell him how much I LOVE HIM!! :)



LceeL said...

Dear, Sweet, Loving Jennifer. Just take it one day at a time. One event at a time. One hour at a time, if that's what it takes.

Your children are taking important first steps toward becoming real and independent people. They'll be fine. Honest they will. Yes, they'll miss you. They may even cry a bit. But you'll get them back later in the day and then they can be comforted all you want to.

It's a hard balance to find - letting them be clingy or discouraging clinginess. But they have to go through this. Let Bryan go to work after you guys drop the kids off. THEy WILL BE FINE. And so will you. Eventually.

jenn said...

Maybe being at school, yourself, you will have less time to worry about the kids.

I remember Brandi's first baby...who NEVER left my side for more than 2 minutes before this day...who I thought would scream and never go alone...saw the bus coming, smiled, and hopped right on. She was only 4, but I was the one crying like a baby, after she was gone, of course.

You will be fine.

They will be fine.

Stop stressing about things that aren't going to happen for months.

Enjoy your time with them now.

Love you.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer!

I wish you a wonderful day full of hugs and sticky kisses! :-}

As far as school for your little ones, I have been at every first day, each time I cry...each time Sam puts his arm around me and pulls me out...Alex was always fine. Alex survived and so will your little ones and they will do great!

I have a suggestion for you for preparing for class. If you are going to use three ring binders, get the ones where you can slide paper in the front cover. Make two sheets of pics of the kids and put them inside the front and backs of your three ring binders!

It will help when you are missing them between classes and it will motivate you when you have a stressful day!

I can't stress enough how proud I am of ya! I went back to school after being out forever and you will adjust! To me, college is sooo much different than high school. I hated high school and never really cared but school now I love it and find it fun, even the stressful classes!

Good luck and keep us posted!!!

LceeL said...

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

jenn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote a post about you...come by and see!!!!!!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Congrats and good luck with it all. Don't stress yourself out about everything, you'll get it all worked out.

LceeL said...


LceeL said...

So???? .... Where's you new post?

This Guy said...

WOW!! Can't believe you are going back to school after 12 years! That is AMAZING!! Good for you!! Don't stress at all, Its easier going back than most think. You're farther ahead in life, those awkward teenage years are over, you'll be more dedicated, and not getting hammered at the bars when you're susposd to be doing homework too! ;) hehehe

You're little guy must be a real cutie! I bet his face did light up when he saw you! These are the best years, when no one is cooler than mum! ;)

Now, come on! We need another post! ;)

LceeL said...

Dear Jennifer,

I know you're super busy with kids and nursing school, etc. I just wanted you to know i think about you now and again - and wonder how you are doing. Hang in there, girl.


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