Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Summertime and it's awesome. I'm really enjoying every minute of this summer with my children. Maybe because this is a our last summer before everyone is off to school and then eventually I'll be off working some where... who knows, but it's great. We haven't really done anything more than go for walks, play in the rain (which we get daily for three or four weeks now, probably longer), go to the lake and hang out. It's wonderful. We stay up late, and sleep in, it's vacation, every day, all day! :)

I was going to try to start with the firs day of Summer vacation, which would have been Trevor's last day of school, or the day after, but I don't really feel like it... I have a million and six things to do in the house and make dinner and all that... so I just thought that if I started with today then that would be a good place to start and I would continue on from here...

This morning we all ate some breakfast, hung out and then headed to Wally World for some pictures... got there picked our pics, and waited our hour... then we waited another hour... then finally we realized that our pictures just weren't going to come. We had some conversations with people... some were very friendly and helpful, others not so much... but in the end it all worked out bc Venus from Wal-Mart Photo called and my pictures are ready and... are you ready... they are FREE!! 215 photos FREE!! woo hoo!! Maybe because I was totally cool with Venus, and didn't jump on her about all this... after all there was no reason to be nasty with her... it wasn't her fault at all... it was FUJI... although I am very happy with my prints prior to this... today sucked. We waisted like 3 hrs in Wally World! ugh. BUT the day does have more of a happy ending than that... we rushed home, grabbed some waters, cheese sticks and some crackers, threw our suits on and grabbed some towels and headed to the lake... it was raining some, but nothing that was going to keep us home... not after being in Wally World for 3 hours!!
The kids played and I tried to clean up the beach some for Bryan, and then weeded the flower beds for him... while we were there something caught my eye... it was three houses down... a big pine tree... and in the big pine tree were TWO Bald Eagles! They were amazing! They were HUGE!!! They were close enough to see, but too far for great pics. UGH! but we saw them. And I did try to take some pics... so that is good. We also got to see them fly out over the lake... they are so beautiful and majestic. It was so amazing. The kids got a kick out of it too. They were really good for me in Wal-Mart today so I'm glad they got to do something fun and relaxing and see something awesome! :)

Well we are home now, the girls are in the bath... not enough water today I guess, and T-bone is riding his new bike... we got him a new one on Saturday when we went to make a HUGE payment on our CRUISE!! it's getting closer!! :)

I'm working on dinner and really tired. But if I don't get up now, two things will happen, one, dinner will burn, two we'll all be hungry! lol



jenn said...

I am so happy to hear you have great things going on right now, and that you are happy. We have been busy, too. My mom bought the kids a pool, and we are all burned/tan/happy! lol! I wish we had a lake to go play in.

Bald eagles! That it awesome!

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