Sunday, November 22, 2009


ugh. my house is TRASHED. there is not one single room that is neat and orderly!! it's killing me. i spend sooo much effing time cleaning and it never shows. not even a little bit. I'm just so sick of it. the playroom is completely a wreck, i try to ignore it though bc it's the playroom and that is what Bryan says it's for, the kids to play in and who cares how it looks. then there is the kitchen... there are Lego's all over the floor that the kids want to "safe" and not put away bc they are playing with them... but they have been there since Thursday night... I'm sick of seeing them, and I'm sick of cleaning them up myself... there are also magnets from off the fridge all over the floor and the food pantry looks like a bomb went off in there! ugh!!!
the dog just peed on the living room carpet, which was also covered in all the blankets off the couch & chair and in the basket bc the kids had them all out along with a mess of toys that they had in there... ~ you can barely see the floor... there is popcorn remnants all over the couch and dog hair too. it's gross!! the kids rooms are TRASHED!! whatever. the bathroom is a mess, full of Barbies and ponies and all kinds of toys in the bath, wash clothes and a hand towel SOAKED on the counter, and toothpaste every where, the garbage is full of crumpled tissues bc the girls have to "blow their nose" every five seconds, although they don't really blow their nose, they are just wasting tissues and making a mess!!
there is laundry to do, still. beds to be made, laundry to be folded and put away, the dogs crate stunk so i had to wash her stuff, I'm just so sick of it all. there is never a break. I'm going crazy. i know, i know, don't sweat the small stuff, but this isn't small, this is an entire house, that i have to continuously clean, and if i stop for even a second then it is trashed all over again and it looks like HELL!! on top of all this i have HW, three chapters due tomorrow and who knows what else, some Math, i think, ugh. and then dinner. I just want to give up. I want to go lay in my bed, put on the tv *that Bryan hasn't hooked up yet, and just lay there and do NOTHING!! I want to not have a care in the world. I'm so done for today. and really i have just started. ugh. ~
i try to get the kids to clean up but they don't. i threaten to throw away their stuff and they say go ahead, probably bc i haven't done it yet. but I'm thinking today might be the day. ~ I've got no patients, a messy house and a box of garbage bags.
i hope i make it through today. i really do.


Missy said...

you know if you got a garbage bag and started to get the toys down that they do care might work. They have worn the neat off the legos for the moment but is there a toy lying around that they just picked up...grab that first and throw it in a clean garbage bag of course, in front of them and tell them you are going to give it away to children who appreciate them...if its in your living room and kitchen,but if its their room, oh well I wouldn't worry about that until you conquered the rest! You know what when you have days like this just say screw it and go clear you head, like a nap if possible then tackle it! Hit the hubby with a stick and get him behind you on this! You should not have to clean your whole house by yourself, if the kids can pull out a toy, they can put it up. Take deep breaths and make a plan! You can do it!
Hell all of our houses are destroyed most days! You not alone!

LceeL said...

OMG I hope today is better than yesterday - and tomorrow is better yet.

Jennifer said...

thank you guys. today is much better. actually after typing that, i felt better too. venting really helps me out. :)
also today i'm doing some cleaning before the kids get off the bus, so life is good. :) ~ things are finally coming along a little bit and i'm going to make up a chore chart to help motivate the kiddies. i mean when i don't feeling like doing something, like cleaning up, it's nice to be motivated. so i think that might help. and they will just earn a sticker on the chart, nothing more, being part of a family means helping out and doing things around the house... and they shouldn't earn anything more than a sticker and "good job" ~ in my opinion. ~ so we'll see how it goes. thanks again for the loving comments.


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