Friday, November 20, 2009

what is next?

what does it mean when someone tells you this??

i'm not happy. i have a good life. good family. good friends. but i'm not happy.
i'm always sad. i'm always mad, angry in a bad, horrible mood. if i do find something to make me happy, it doesn't last long. i'm always tired. i don't want to do anything. most of the time i have a headache. life isn't this bad. but for some reason i just can't seem to find the good. to be happy any more.

is there changes they need to make? if so what do you encourage them to change or revise in their life. is there anything you can do? is there anything they can do? what is the next step?


LceeL said...

There is some secret desire unfulfilled - something missing in that person's life.

Perhaps it's some deeply buried guilt over some transgression - something they may not even remember.

Perhaps its a feeling of a lack of accomplishment - like that person has not gotten anywhere near where they wanted to get to in their life.

There is only one way this person can be helped. Someone needs to find a way to get this person to open up - to submit to some serious introspective analysis - to take a good look inside and find out what's hiding in the corners.

jenn said...

talk to someone, and sometimes, antidepressants help. I am not a big believer in medicine, but when Junior felt this same exact way, they helped him through.

I will respond to your email in a bit...

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