Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick update....

So yeah. I re-read the post that I did the other day about my dream... and realized I should have proof read it before posting it... but oh well it is out there now, I'm not too worried. I will get to editing it sooner or later... I was typing it while doing a million and one other things, that is why it is totally unorganized and poorly written, not that everything on here is perfectly written or well thought out... kinda like this post. But anyway... I will get to fix that some time.
As for now, I just wanted to post a quick update about things going on here, and about Lauren.
Last Thursday we went to Dr. Fishman, who I have now come to find out is a complete ass aka not a good doctor. But, I found this out after I took her. He was okay to us there. Not overly friendly but he isn't there to be our friend, he is there to doctor Lauren. So anyway, he did a biopsy, I will leave the details of it for another time. We will get the results in two weeks, seems kind of long for me, but I guess there isn't anything we can do but wait. So we should be hearing something back from them on or around November 8th.
Today, Tuesday, Lauren has an appointment with Dr. Du, the allergist that recommended seeing a dermatologist. It has been two weeks since he saw Lauren last and just wanted to do a follow up/check up to see how things are going with her and the appointment to the dermatologist. ** Side note, he did NOT recommend Dr. Fishman ** We had to find some one that took our insurance. UHHHHHH... let's not talk about it. Anyway, we are headed there in a little bit, and see what he has to say and what he thinks of all that has been going on with her.
So we are at a little bit of a stand still with her for now, but at least we are in constant communication with the allergist, Dr. Du (whom we absolutely adore) and her pediatrician, Dr. Gapud, (whom we are fond of and no longer think is a bloody idiot). : )
I'm sure there will be some more updates on Lauren to come.
As for the rest of our lives, we are busy, but maybe finally calming down some. We went to Heather's bday party on Saturday night, it was really fun, they had it decorated so AWESOME!!! The costumes that everyone did were freakin' great!! : ) Loved it!! Then everyone went to Dutches' afterwards while we came home with our three children... can you tell we were feeling sorry for ourselves, or at least I was. It wasn't so bad, to come home I mean. I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for the world, but to be care free once in a while again would be nice too. But that is another topic for another time. : ) And, really I do get to be carefree once in a while thanks to my wonderful parents who baby-sit for us all the times we ask them to, and some times for days a clip. : ) (thanks, mom and dad)
This week Trevor is having a Halloween parade at school and a party on Wednesday, which is Halloween day... then of course we are going trick-or-treating. Which we have to work out the details of that. : )
So that is all for now, I have to get us ready to go the doctors. I'll be back.


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