Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm late...

I'm late on getting to post every day for the month of November, for National Blog Posting Month. :( Oh well. I guess I will just try to keep up with posting every day for the rest of the month. We'll see if I can really do that too, but I will try. :)

Anyway, I guess there are a lot of updates since the last time I posted... but way too many to post now. I have to do some more stuff around the house from what I started yesterday. And, I have to start dinner so it will be ready when Bryan gets home.

Well I did start dinner and I re-arranged Trevor's bedroom for him, and cleaned it all up before he got home from school. I wanted to do it for a surprise! He loves surprises! Plus, he has been doing really good in school (when he goes, another story) so I wanted to do something extra special for him.

Sunday I had moved some furniture around in the house and straightened up the girls room, and was trying to clean the house... and make some changes at the same time, and Trevor asked me if I could fix up his room and move it around. So that was what gave me the idea. : )

He did love it. ~ I'm finishing this post on Tuesday 11/6 so that is how I know he loved it.

I'll post some more later. I have to do some things around here, as usual.


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