Sunday, November 25, 2007

And... we are off!!

We are trying to go shopping today... should be interesting. Trevor is wired. Happily wired... but still hyper and crazy... he is running all over the house now... I'm hoping this will help him to sit still for the semi-long car ride we have. We are going shopping in PA today. And, Lauren is really cranky and clingy... and just having a rough morning... a lot of crying going on from her. I feel bad... I hope she isn't getting sick again... although I think it is just being 2 and having a crazy older brother and a little sister... and wanting mommy's total undivided attention. Then, there is Brooke... she is being our model child today... she isn't too crazy... and she isn't cranky... she is an even blend of Trevor and Lauren today... I hope it stays that way... she can get pretty cranky when she wants to.

So we are dressed and just getting ready to go out the door. I hope we find some really good deals and the kids and us survive it. ;o) I'll be back later... if I make it!! lol


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