Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Monday...

What can I say? It's a cold, nasty, rainy, yucky day!! :( I rather have snow then this crap. It just looks so horribly depressing out!

So, to up our spirits and our moods we are going to decorate the house for the Holidays!! :o) This makes me happy!! I love, love, love everything about the holidays!! ; ) I wish we had some Christmas music to play... I might need to look for that.

We got some more Christmas ideas and gifts yesterday... and although we got a LOT we still are searching for a few more things... and then there is the "every-time-you-are-in-the-store-shopping" before Christmas! But, I love it all!! I love to buy and I love to wrap and I love to give gifts!! I wish I could afford to buy for everyone I know... I love it!! I just love the holiday season!! ;o)

Well I have to go for now... I have some things that need my attention... but I might be back at nap time...

Topics I will/might cover:

  • Lauren's doctors appointment this week
  • How Lauren has been doing with her skin
  • Meleluca and how wonderful it is
  • Christmas stuff
  • Seeing Santa at the store & the kids reactions
  • Brooke, Trevor and Lauren
  • Picture sharing... I have some from not that long ago that I haven't posted yet



Sandy C. said... sound like an excited kid again :) That's the great thing about Christmas....whatever age you are....presents are always fun!

Looking forward to reading your other topics too :)

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