Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Let me just say...

Let me just say that two little two year olds is the hardest job I have ever had!! I love being a mom, and I love them. BUT, I am soooo sick of cleaning up all the shit they get into. I really mean it. I'm thinking of taking every single thing out of their bedroom, but a crib mattress and blankets and leaving it that way until they MOVE OUT!!!
Can you tell I have had a rough day with them??? UHHHH!! I'm loosing my patients with being a freakin' janitor around here!!
Today Lauren changed her own poop diaper, when I put them in the first time for their nap. So I cleaned up that mess, and her. Gave her a bath stripped bedding, and re-made both beds. Put them in again for a nap, went in a few times to put them back into bed. They were just not cooperating today with nap time. Which I don't particularly care if they need it... because I still need for them to nap. Really, really, really need for them to nap.
So anyway, they weren't sleeping so I decided enough was enough I would let them out. Well I see that Brooke's hair is all greased up. So I'm trying to figure out what the hell they could have put in her freakin' hair... there is nothing they can get into, that I know of, because they have already gotten into it all and I have it locked away. Seriously. Whatever you think they could do, take it one step further and then you will know what they have done. Poop. Desitin. An entire brand new bottle of powder. Yeah. The BIG one. Vaseline. Milk. I'm telling you they are amazing at what they can do behind a closed door with some "normal" nursery items. But really they can stop now. I have had ENOUGH!!
So anyway, I'm looking around and I ask them what they had... and they show me this emptied out lip gloss container. Not even sure where they got it from. Maybe my nightstand draw? Who knows... so now I have to try to get this shit out of Brooke's and Lauren's hair. Yep, checked Lauren's hair and it is in there too. GREAT.
I'm off to do baths. Again.
Like once a day isn't enough to bathe them. Really.


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