Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What is a friend??

Really. I would like to know a friend is. If anyone has an answer to this or for this can you please post a comment on here telling me (in brief or if you want to get into detail you can email me privately, just leave a comment saying so) what a friend is. I would like to know for a few reasons... I'll share them after I get a few responses. Thank you!


Gwyn said...

A friend is someone who doesn't laugh (too hard) at the life size Neil Diamond cut-out you have in your closet.

Elizabeth Coplan said...

A friend is someone who undestands parenting is a struggle. A friend is someone whose child shares some similar emotional difficulties or problem behaviors as your child. Which means: a friend is someone who won't judge you.

A Wild Ride

Jennifer said...

I think, that a friend shouldn't laugh at any lifesize cut-out of a person you have in your closet... Neil Diamond or other! :D Thanks for the comment! ~

You are so right, parenting is a struggle AND a friend should/will understand that. And friends shouldn't judge your parenting OR anything about you. :) Thank you for your comment! ~

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