Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Give-A-Damn is Busted!!

So today I was reading my usual blogs while the kids are all still sleeping, and Jenn C's blog today really hit home. "Courageous Smiles". If you have some time read it. It isn't very long and it really is worth the time.
So often I'm stuck on what other people think, what other people say. Who gives a shit? Really. Those people don't know ME, they only think they do. They don't live my life. They aren't here every day, they aren't in my head. They are only seeing from the outside. What is important to me is my family and myself. I have forgotten to make myself part of the "important people in my life" list. I need to remember that.
Lately, I haven't been the happiest person, and really what reason do I have to NOT be happy. None. My life is amazing. I need to focus on ME and what I have and not the stupid people in the world. This is my mission. I need to start having a positive outlook on life and how things work. I don't know how quickly I will be able to reach this goal in my life, but honestly I'm not worried about achieving it over night. Just being able to recognize that I need to be happy and I need to not give a damn about outsiders and their thoughts and comments is a huge step, and actually does make me happy.
They always say "If Mom isn't happy, No one is happy!" Not that I think that is truly the case, but I know my mood does affect my children and Bryan and my family. I want us to all be happy and live every day to the fullest, and the best we can make it.
My Give-A-Damn is busted!! For good! Today is a new day, and a new start to try to find a courageous smile!
Live ~ Love ~ Laugh!


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