Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today is Tuesday.

So we made it through another day. :)
Brooke and Lauren just went to bed. (thank God) They have been a handful lately. Into a lot of stuff and then just having terrible (two) crying fits and tantrums!! I have a headache every single day for the last few weeks. And, I have to add that I never, ever get headaches. And, I never, hardly ever in my life take any kind of medicine for a headache, but lately I have been popping Advil every day. :( Our house is very loud and very stressful lately. I can't wait till the girls get past this crying/tantrum/brat/screaming/girly stage. I love them to pieces don't get me wrong, and all in all I wouldn't trade them or change them for anything the world. They are still perfect little princesses to me, just having a little taste of two at the "terrible-two's". We'll survive... this too shall pass.
Today went pretty well, it was more this evening that was hard, but I'm thinking they are being steered from the time change. I think that messes with everyone. Although Trevor seems to be unaffected by it, and I guess Bry too. Come to think of it, I guess it doesn't affect me either, well except for how the girls are acting.
Anyway, Bry is bowling tonight, which means he will bring us home some DD's (Dunkin' Donuts). Although they aren't the greatest thing in the world, it is still something different from what we have all the time. Trevor always gets excited when he knows his dad is going bowling.
Speaking of bowling, we are going this Saturday, but at a different bowling alley, I'm kind of excited. We were supposed to go this past weekend, but we had a planning glitch, it is okay though because now we have something to look forward to this weekend!! : ) And, we are going to go to dinner too, I can't wait, I love to eat out... I mean I love to eat in general, but I really love eating out!!
Last night I went to Middletown with Heather and Jillian, speaking of eating out, it was nice, we pretty much laughed the entire time, Jillian is hilarious, and she just comes up with things right out thin air. :D Heather and I were cracking up at her all night long. We also went out to eat. We ate at Johnny Rockets in the Galleria... it was good, and the waitress was excellent. It is like a 50's style restaurant and they play great music and do dances for everyone. Really cool.
That is pretty much it. I'm going to go hang out with Trevor and watch some tv ~ which I haven't done all day long... but that isn't anything rare, I'm not a huge tv person. Oh well it will be nice to just sit on the couch and veg out. : )
OHHHHHH yeah... I can't believe I forgot to post this... I got stung today by a wasp. YUCK!! It hurt so freakin' bad, and I thought it was flea biting me, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why the hell it was hurting so bad... it was in my shirt on my stomach, then I heard a buzzing sound in my sweatshirt, and I was ready to totally freak out, but Brooke was in the room with me, and she started to get upset, so I kept my cool... and took off the sweatshirt, and threw it on the floor. I wanted to just leave it, but I wanted to kill the damn wasp. So I picked it up and shook it some, and there it was the nasty lil' bastard that stung me... UHHH. I totally ground him into the carpet as hard as I could. Brooke was upset, but once I told her it was okay, and that I killed the mean bug, she clapped. :D I was her heroine!!
That is pretty much all for now... I'll be back tomorrow or maybe later to post some pics. but it depends on what time T-man goes to bed, and all that.


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