Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Little boys...

Little boys are amazing! (at least my little boy is!) He is so full of creativity,imagination and LIFE! He is also a crazy little dude!! It is sooo cold out, but we haven't been outside to play in a long time, and actually we haven't been out of the house period for a few days... so I know he must be feeling the cabin fever. I know I am a little bit and he is only 4, so he must have a healthy dose of it by now.

So, my amazing little man asks me if we can go out to get the mail when we put the "babies" for their nap. I said sure... thinking we haven't been out in a while.. how long will it take to get the mail... some fresh air will do us good, even if the fresh air is frozen! lol ~ so while I got Lauren and Brooke new pampers on and made them bottles, my lil' man put on his own long sleeve shirt and his shoes and coat. ;o) He was ready to rock n' roll. While I finished tucking the girls in for their naps... he stood by the front door just waiting as patiently as he could for me to get ready to go out with him.

I got my coat and shoes on and we were off... he was was smiling sooo BIG. I asked him who was going to open the mailbox and he said... "You can open it Mommy since you were so nice to bring me outside." How sweet is that?? I tell you he is a charmer... I love that little boy so much!!

On our way to the mailbox he found some sticks he was walking with, and then later looking for animals in the woods with... but we walked nicely down the driveway together and then crossed the street and got our mail. When I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to open the mailbox himself... he said "yeah. I'm sure... you are the best Mom I've ever had, you can open it. Go ahead." I smiled and laughed... the best mom he has ever had.. how do you like that one?? That is almost as good as him saying that he loves me to the curtain store and back. lol

So I got to get the mail out and close up the mailbox today... because I was crowned as the best Mommy! :) Gotta love that. Then we walked around the yard some and I checked on the laundry... our washer and dyer are in the basement so I went in from down stairs... then I finally convinced my little Popsicle boy to come inside and warm up some...

He is now in for his nap... and I don't hear a peep out of him.... I guess taking him outside was enough to get him to lay right down and take a little nap. And, since it is only fair that he professed his love for me and how much I mean to him... I thought I would share that he is My favorite son ~ of all times!!

Trevor, if you ever get to read this (which will be a few years from now)... I want to tell you... You mean the world to me... you are so smart and so special and I love how caring, giving and loving you are!! You are my favorite son... and I love you from the curtain store all the way up to the moon and back again!! You are my little shining star!! xoxoxoxo Mommy!


Sandy C. said...

Can barely fight back the tears over sweet I think I have a cavity :)

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