Thursday, November 29, 2007

offense and defense

First let me start by saying that I'm having a horrible day... for many reasons... but the first and fore most one is that Trevor went to school today. I'm on edge as if it were his first day. :( He hadn't gone to school at all this week so far. I had been coming up with reasons not to send him, and he had been telling me to please let him stay home. I know that part, if not most of it, is him playing me. I'm the mom though... I'm supposed to be played by my kids for things like this. I'm allowed to be ignorant to all the "facts" and believe this sweet little boy, when he tells me, he has "no fun" and the kids are "mean to him" and they "don't play games" and his "teachers don't like him and are mean to him". I know this all cannot be true, obviously or he wouldn't be going to school today, or again for that matter. But, I do believe he rather be home, and I do believe that he misses me and "the babies" while he is away from us. It is a long day for a 4 yr old. He catches the bus at 8:15 AM and gets off of it at 3:40 PM. :( Loooooooonnnnnnnggggggg day! It is a long day for me to be away from him too. I miss him. I have never not been with him for this amount of time, or this many consecutive days. I guess that is what makes it easy to let him stay home. So, I'm sitting here hoping my little love bug is having a good day at school.

Brooke & Lauren... the tag team duo are having a good day and really happy today... they are also excited to be having some applesauce. ;o) I still have them in their jammies so they stay nice and comfy... also so they stay warm.

It is now snowing here.. YUCK!! But it actually looks pretty. ~ Well since this post is taking me all freakin' morning to do the snow is finally stopped but I did get some pictures of it... and the girls checking it out. I wish that Trevor was home so that I could get a picture of him looking at the snow... he would have been soooo excited too!! He LOVES the snow. Maybe he did get to see if from in his classroom. I hope.
So, Lauren has an appointment tomorrow at the dermatologists office... I'm anxious and nervous to hear what they have to say about her two (horrible-no good-very bad-terrible) biopsies. I tried to find out the results today and to actually make sure they had the results in before we go tomorrow, but I send my day just waiting to hear back from the nurse that NEVER calls back. Frustrating I know. I'm going to call them later this afternoon.

So anyway... it is hours later from when I started this post... and I have little time and little interest in actually posting any more tonight... I'm tired... but I must say that today turned out a lot better then it started off as!! :) Also, I did hear from Lauren's dr's office.. they have the reports, and we will discuss them further tomorrow and I will maybe post an update after her appointment if I have some time. And, Trevor had a pretty good day at school... although he said his teachers were mean, the kids are not his friends and he doesn't ever want to go back again... he has agreed though to give it one more shot since tomorrow is his last day for this week and then he gets "two days off".

Toodles... I'll be back tomorrow...

PS I never got to explain my title for this post... I will try to do that tomorrow.


Sandy C. said...

aww...poor thing. I hope he has a better day tomorrow.

Snow!? I share your sentiment of "yuck" may snow here too this weekend...not a fan of snow. or cold. or both.

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