Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WOW Wednesday!!

Good morning everyone out there in blogger land... I'm sitting here at my computer freezing!! My kids are all playing happily in my son's bedroom. Knock on wood... that they keep on playing so nicely. ;o)

It is freakin' cold in these parts today!! No reason for weather like this. None at all. If it was going to actually do something like snow... then okay, you can see if being in the 20's and 30's, but when it is this way for NO reason at all, come on that is just ridiculous. And, trust me, I'm not looking for any snow either!! I think "cold" winter weather should be about 50 at the least.

Oh well! The kids are done playing nicely in Trevor's bedroom together... they are all swarmed around the computer like a mob of angry wasps just waiting to attack me... Uh! here we go... Lauren is nudging her way up here on my lap... and she is up. Brooke is begging me to "color"... meaning she sees the pen laying here on the computer desk... she LOVES to color... she will color for the longest time... Lauren isn't so interested in coloring... well at least not as long as Brooke will do it... and Trevor is at the age where he is drawing "real" things... it is soooo cool!!

Anyway... it has taken me all morning to type this... I was on the phone with my mom, then I called Desire and and then I talked to Bryan a bunch of times, and then I talked to Desire again, then I had the kids Pine Sol-ing the kitchen floor... Hey don't judge me. They like it. They ask to do and so I oblige and let them do things that make them happy!! : ) They each had a wad of paper towels sprayed with some Pine Sol solution and were happily cleaning away! Trevor even cleaned the baseboard and the heater for me... the girls are still at it Trevor had to use the potty and hasn't returned to us yet.

What are the child labor laws in NY state anyway??? LOL


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