Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spread the LOVE...

Spread the love, NOT the germs!! Well it was inevitable. Trevor has had this terrible cold since last week... still does have it, poor little guy. Brooke was working on it... she has had it now for a few days. And, low and behold now Lauren has it too. Yesterday I took Trevor to the doctors, they said he was okay, just a common cold. So I'm sure that is what the girls have too. Trevor has been having fevers, Brooke none (yet) and Lauren just started her cold yesterday, but had a fever last night. :o( I hate when they are sick... I just feel so bad for them. They are all miserable and can't really tell me what they want to make them feel better or what is going on... well Trevor can, but even still he is only 4, he can't express it that great.
As I'm sitting here, Trevor is on the couch coughing and coughing. He coughed so much before he threw up... two times this morning this has happened. It breaks my heart. I have been trying everything for him, medicine, Vicks, hugs, kisses, love, no school, etc. I guess I'm going to put out his vaporizer today and see if that helps. I have a cool one and a hot one... I will put the hot one in his room because I know he won't touch it and put the cool one in the girls room... because I expect it to get dumped right over.
Lauren has another appointment today... we are going back to the practice of the doctor that we don't really like, but are seeing a different doctor. This only happened by accident. I was calling to say that I would really like a copy of the biopsy report and that myself or my husband would be in to pick it up yesterday or today, and the nurse asked if I would like to see Dr. S. I declined thinking I have seen enough drs. and PA's in that office that I would just wait to take her to Middletown on Monday. Then she said that he is only in once a month and is a dermatologist not a PA or anything (nothing against PA's out there reading this) and he comes up from the city once a month to work on their office... so if I wanted to see him another time, I would have to wait a month... so I decided to take the appointment. One more opinion, one more set of eyes. And, who knows this might be the doctor that tells us what is really going on with her. At least that is what I'm hoping and praying for. We'll see.
It is really crummy out today. I'm talking, depressingly crummy. It looks really cold and dreary and it is raining some and just YUCK!!! But, we will brave the crappy day and go to the doctors and make the best of it. Nothing else we can do. I'd love to stay home and just have a day of bumming out but duty calls and as of lately my duty is to taxi my kids to the doctors at least once a week... although it has been a lot more frequent than that. I just want healthy kids, so I will not stop at anything!!!
Okay, I guess I will stop typing this though, so that I can go jump in the shower and get some things ready for the girls to wake up and need breakfast and baths and getting dressed and Trevor too, and then shove them all in the truck and drive to Rock Hill again today. Which reminds me I also have to call Bryan and tell him the truck needs gas and see if he is meeting me at the doctors or maybe my dad will be going with us... Thank God for Grandpa and him being able to escort us to our many doctors appointments when Bryan can't go. :o)
I'll be back.... (maybe)


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