Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is Brookie's new smile for pictures. It is really cute. She says "cheese"... but she also has to tip her head to the side. :o) She also has on her new shoes! Both girls loved their new shoes and wanted to wear them all day long.

Lauren doesn't usually want to look at the camera for her picture to be taken, and when I do get it it's usually a silly face. The one on the right is her walking away from me and I called her name and got the picture as she turned around. ;o) She is still a cutie though.

Trevor with a picture of a girl that he drew. He is getting really good at drawing figures lately and also buildings and rocketships. His imagination has been running wild when it comes to drawing things. ;o)

Lauren actually looking at the camera, although she was really looking at me and showing me her gloves that she LOVES to wear. But, still she is looking in the direction of the camera and she has a smile. ;o)


Sandy said...

ADORABLE! I love the head tilt. She's ready for a commercial :)

I love the drawing.

JLC said...

Great pictures! Trevor is getting so BIG! Seth loves the magnadoodle too, he draws constantly.

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