Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Updates all around.

So, we are home from the doctors. Trevor just has a common cold. His lungs sound clear, which is GREAT for all the horrible coughing he has been doing, and his ears look GREAT. I'm glad ear infections suck. He has only every had one mild ear infection, not even a full blown ear infection, red on one ear and fluid on the other, but we caught it in time. : ) And, he was under a year old. I'm glad it all checked out okay. Dr. G said if he continues into next week with temps, to bring him back just to see what it is, but he should be fine by then. ;o)

While we were there I mentioned Lauren, who was there with me too, and all that is going on with her and what the dermatologist said/thought and the biopsy report and all and Dr. G feels like the report can't just say "bug bites" it wouldn't be so random, it would be more specific and list some things to try or to look for. So she suggested getting a copy of the report, just for us to read and also to take with us to the doctor in Middletown. We are going on Monday to see Dr. Woolf. Not sure what we will think or what he will say, but it is another opinion and it can't hurt. My brother took my nephew there and didn't have anything bad to say about him. I guess he is old though and not a great bed/chair side manor, but I have dealt with that before, and will make the best of it. So anyway. I called the original dermatologist office to get a copy of the report. I spoke to the nurse there and she was very nice. She was going to have it ready for us to pick up this afternoon or tomorrow. I also mentioned to her about the Molluscum. She said that is something definite and would show up separate in the biopsy report but would I like to come in and see Dr. S. He is a dermatologist that comes up from the city and works in their office. It would be another pair of eyes and someone elses opinion on what is or could be going on with Lauren. At first I declined the offer only because I was thinking that I did the scabies treatment on Sunday night into Monday and it says to wait a week to see results and then I have the appointment on Monday in Middletown with the other doctor. So I told her that I would call back next week to set up an appointment with him if things weren't looking better. She told me that the doctor is only in once a month, if I didn't see him tomorrow I would have to wait a month to see him... so needless to say we are going to the dermatologist tomorrow. I hope we get some different answers from this guy.

Also... there is some light and hope at the end of this horrible tunnel... this very dear and generous friend of mine from the twinslist, Martha, wanted to send Lauren some Melaleuca products as a gift from her to see if they would help her out with itching and healing and getting rid of the scabies if that is what it is that is bothering her. I was so touched by her outreach and generosity. She is an amazing person and I hope that one day I can do a favor like this for her family or another family in need. Thank you Martha & family if you are reading this. You are in our hearts forever and we are extremely grateful for your wonderful spirit, generosity and thoughtfulness.

Well I'm going to make some grilled cheese sandwiches and some popcorn for lunch... I'll be back later... maybe.


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