Friday, January 18, 2008

70 things in 70 mins

Yeah... so this post is going to be the highlight of your day... I just know it... it may even be the highlight of your blog reading days... I'm not sure! This is going to blow everything else right out of the water.

I have about 70 mins till my son's bus will be dropping him off from pre-school so I'm going to try to do 70 things in those 70 minutes... luckily for me, I'm going to count this post as one of my 70 things... viola... now I only have 69 things to go!!

I will see if I can keep a list of them, and later post all the great and exciting house chores that I got done in my 70 minute marathon. :)

I know you are excited and anxious... just please don't pee on the carpet... I would feel horrible if my amazing house chores made you more house work yourself!

I'll be back... at some point at least.

Peace love and cleaning supplies!


Annie said...

Hope you got everything done!!

Candi said...

This sounds

LaskiGal said...

Um . . . is it sad that I am actually looking forward to a post about house chores? Oh, who cares! I admit it!

Of course you can add me to your blog roll--I've already added you!

~RaenWa~ said...

Well I didn't pee on my carpet but I did almost choke on my tea when I read your pee on the carpet comment lol I hope you got everything done

clickmom said...

70 minutes sounds like the perfect amount of time to have a cocktail, dance around the house to grown up music and chew some gum to hide your breath before some sober mom starts chatting it up with you at the bus stop. Just kidding! I wonder what you actually did....

Adrienne said...

Did you get them all done?!?

Have a great day!


Sandy C. said...

LoL! You're so good. I wish I had this kind of motivation. If I had to do 70 things in 70 minutes......60 of those things would be steps, on foot! I hope you accomplished some of your things,...and yes, your post was the highlight of my day ;)

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