Saturday, January 19, 2008

Drum Roll Please.....

The LIST!! : )
I know you have all be waiting so here it is... the list of things that I got done in 70 mins. I don't want you to be disappointed at the end of the list so let me break it to you know... as easy as I can... unfortunately I was not 70 things... but it was the best I could do...
Here goes...
  1. wrote a post on blog
  2. started this list of 70 things I'm going to try to do
  3. got pen & paper to make list ( I think this should have been #2 )
  4. organized and moved shoes
  5. emptied vacuum container & cleaned filter
  6. moved rugs
  7. vacuumed by door and where shoes were
  8. vacuumed rugs
  9. put away shoes neatly
  10. cleaned dogs pen ~ ****oh yeah, now that we finally got to tell my parents and have them meet our new little addition... we got a new Boxer puppy on Monday. She is 2 months old and her name is Zoe... Trevor picked her name! She is the cutest little thing on four feet. I will have to post some pictures of her next. ****
  11. cleaned sugar glider cage
  12. cleaned dining room table and chairs
  13. reset the table
  14. cleaned and fixed center piece for table
  15. emptied garbage and took out
  16. put in a new garbage bag ( hey! gimme a break I'm trying for 70 here) ;)
  17. vacuumed dining room
  18. cleaned baseboard heat in dining room
  19. cleaned/dusted window sills in dining room
  20. gave dog and cat new water (each)
  21. put away hats and gloves and stuff
  22. charging Trevor's Leapster L-max
  23. put away clean dishes
  24. cleaned silver wear holder
  25. put bottles of water in fridge
  26. organized/sorted papers/mail from kitchen counter
  27. cleaned kitchen counter
  28. put Trevor's school papers away in safe keeping
  29. cleaned microwave
  30. put away batteries in draw
  31. lit candles (still trying for 70!!)
  32. cleaned phones and base
  33. took laundry down to wash
  34. took down tool and some cardboard for Bryan to take care of
  35. started dryer
  36. folded some blankets from living room
  37. fixed blanket and pillows on couch
  38. put away cook books
  39. put away some toys
  40. put away bartending book
  41. folded some laundry
  42. hung up Bryan's coat
  43. *** time ran out*** Got Trevor off of bus
  44. folded rest of laundry
  45. sorted laundry
  46. got girls up
  47. put Zoe outside
  48. put away cleaned/folded towels
  49. emptied bathroom garbage
  50. put new toilet paper on rolls
  51. took out towels for laundry
  52. took towels down stairs to wash
  53. started load of laundry
  54. took clothes out of dryer
  55. started dryer again
  56. brought up clean/dry clothes to fold
  57. put Trevor's clothes in his room
  58. put Brooke & Lauren's clothes in their room
  59. folded new load of laundry
  60. cleaned stove top
  61. changed Brooke
  62. peeled and cut up cucumbers
  63. started pizza in oven for dinner
  64. cleaned every one's hands for dinner
  65. talked to everyone and my mother on the phone
  66. got company and stopped cleaning. :)

So I never made it to 70... even after the 70 minutes... but oh well it still made me bust my butt and get some important things done, like cleaning all the cages. Not a fun job... but a mom's gotta do it.

Well just typing this list today makes me feel like I really don't have to do any house work now. Thank God, because I was thinking that I would have to do something... but this has now officially exhausted me and I think I will go sit my fat patooty on the couch and eat some combos and drink some water and just chillax. :)

I hope that later or tomorrow I actually have something worth reading for you guys... but just like in life... there are no guarantees. ;)



Ilix said...

Wow! a good try! I don't think I could do as many as you did! May have to see................ just cuz I'm curious! LOL

Nina said...

Jenn, what a great idea. I am going to try this too. :-)

Annie said...

Wow - that's impressive. I don't do all of that in a week!!

frangela said...

Wow! Highly impressed and exhausted after reading your list! But doesn't it feel productive? I love lists and spreadsheets!

Ah - sugar glider! We had one named Willow for a while but then cleaning her cage was such a chore. We gave her to a dear friend and have visitation rights :)

Adrienne said...

I am tired just reading your list! I'm going to go sit down and put my feet up in your honor!

Lil Mouse said...

i think you need to make a separate entry for each kids hands washed. you also didnt add 'changed laundry' like from washer to dryer. you just put turned on dryer. not the same, you had to switch at least twice as far as i can see.. you at 70 yet? set table?

Marla Ellis said...

Hello, Yes I found a lot of the items in the What's Your Name Means list to be very true..I think those things are so much fun.. just like your list..very funny...

Your Friend,

Sandy C. said...

Holy toledo! I think you did more than 70 considering you have 3 kids and a new puppy!!!! That's insane. I don't think I do that much in a week....Hope you had a chance to recover today :)

LaskiGal said...

Woo hoo!!! Good for you. You did more in 70 minutes than I can do in a 48 hour period (and that may be stretching it). AND you have THREE and I have ONE little one!

clickmom said...

There isn't enough expresso in the world that could get me moving like that. Good for you!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~