Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

It's leap day and I could just leap for joy about it. ;) Just kidding.
for some reason that was much more funny in my head then when I typed it out.
oh well.
So it is finally Friday. Thank goodness. Although I'm not sure why it matters so much. I guess just thinking that I will not be alone in my parenting battles all day is enough to make me happy.
Even though, I have to say that the kids have been really rather excellent lately.
I'm very proud of their behavior. ; )
Trevor has been doing EXCELLENT in school, although he doesn't really
want to go still. He has been making a GREAT effort though to bargain with me, and
not fight with me about staying home as long as I pick him up at the end of the day.
I have been giving in to his bribes and pick him up every day he goes. He missed two days this
week because no matter what the school thought, or whom ever makes the call on a
snow day or not, I really felt that there was no way in HELL he should be on a bus
on Tuesday... it was terrible out and the roads were beyond terrible.
Then on Wednesday I was sure that they couldn't have had every road top notch so I
kept him home again. We had two great days together. He played really
nicely with Brooke and Lauren, who always seem so happy to
have their big brother home with them. Someone other than mom to entertain them.
It works for me. But, anyway, I have been picking him up because really it doesn't kill me, it only takes a few minutes, the girls love to go to Trevor's school and are so excited to see him after he has been gone all day from us, and it makes him soooo happy.
Remember people it is the little things in life.
Always the little things that make a four year old boy sooo happy!
And me too, I guess. Like tonight Bryan is going to bring home Chinese food for dinner. You have no idea how much this pleases me. Now if he could also bring home a new movie for us to veg out in front of after we put the kids to bed and I could just bundle up in a comforter, eat some popcorn and enjoy the show!! That would be awesome!! But again, it is the small things
we are talking about and really bringing home dinner and me not having to cook and it
being Chinese food, that in itself isn't so small so I will take what I get and be
more than happy with it!! :)
What else is there?? I guess nothing much. We did see a bus stuck in an empty lot today by our local ice cream place. It was kind of funny, but not really. I wouldn't want to be the bus
driver. I also, myself have gotten stuck before, so I know the embarrassment and
the frustration that comes along with it. Trevor wanted to stop and help him, but
I'm not sure exactly what we could have done to help, plus I know that they have
communication by radio with the bus garage if he really needed help... it wasn't like we
left him stranded. But, I'm glad my boy has such a big heart and
is always willing to lend a helping hand. :)
Although I'm comfy sitting here at the computer, I guess there is nothing else left to type about, so I eventually have to end this and get my lazy behind moving again. The sink full of dishes is calling my name anyway... don't you hear them??
Have a great weekend all!


Marlee said...

Oh, my heart is breaking for your little 4 y/o boy who doesn't want to go to school! Mine is often the same way and it kills me. For some reason I feel like little boys are so much more vulnerable than girls...oh, am I getting too deep here...? sorry :)

Marla Ellis said...

Hello My Friend, Sounds like a busy day....

I am feeling much better, mostly since my husband took our son to his mom's today so I have a wife and mommy free today, it is very quite..well at least until they both come back home....LOL...

Thanks for the Blog visit..

Stephanie said...

When we lived in MA I was appalled some of the days the school didn't get cancelled and I would keep Lilly home, it was only kindergarten after all. Important, but not worth it too me if the bus had gotten into an accident. In first grade I would have my husband take her in and if the roads were still bad I would pick her up. I am with you on that 100%.

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