Monday, March 3, 2008


I have no clever title for today. : (
I haven't been around over the weekend only because of feeling so crappy.
I haven't slept one full night since Thursday.
I'm pretty sure it is just a cold, which has been building up for a few days
and then hit really hard on Friday! My throat hurts all the time,
even when I'm just breathing. Still it isn't feeling good.
I was coughing so bad that I have the beginning of a 6 pack.
And I can barely move without a horrible look of pain on my face.
My entire body aches. I long for sleep.
I also woke up today ~ because I managed to sleep some last night
and it feels like someone beat me in the head over and over and over,
and over again with a 2 x 4. My right cheek hurt so bad, I
had to look in the mirror to make sure there was no bruise or swelling from
something that maybe happened to me.
There was no marks. I'm thinking it is bad sinus pressure.
I can't look around by moving my eyes, I have to adjust my entire head to look
at anything. It hurts too bad to move my eyes. It gives me instant, sharp, stabbing
pain behind my eyes and into my head.
My ears feel like I'm going into a higher elevation all the time,
like they need to pop. I try to yawn to help the process, but it doesn't do anything, but
hurt my throat. My nose is stuffed up, but still manages to run down my
throat once in a while, LOVELY, I know.
And also once in a while it will try to escape down my face. I'm missing skin from
wiping and blowing my nose so much. Not pleasant!
My lips are chapped from breathing through my mouth constantly.
Occassionally I sneeze, which is just about the beginning of the end
for me. It totally sucks. It hurts my throat so bad. It makes my loose my breath,
it moves all kinds of mucus shit in my body. UH!!
I feel sick to my stomach.
I haven't been able to eat anything in a while. I did a shot of cold medicine last night
thinking/hoping/praying it would stop my cough and I could sleep.
It just laid in my stomach like a bomb.
It wasn't even cough medicine, it was just straight up cherry flavored liquor,
at least I'm pretty sure of this.
I finally got over feeling the sudden urge to hurl and dozed off for a little while.
Today, Bryan had to go to work so I'm on my own with the kids.
Yesterday I only got up out of the chair two times, once to go to the bathroom and
once to shower, that was it.
I was forced to move today to get my little man ready for school and I'm even
going to drive him there b/c he has his stuff for nap time. I think
this is making me feel a little better, the
getting up and functioning. Like being human again.
But, I think at nap time I'm going to rest too.
I just can't wait till my throat stops BURNING!!!
The rest I can sort of deal with... sort of.


Crystal said...

(((HUGS))) and LOTS of medicine! Girl, I'm so sorry you feel bad. Sending you LOTS of love, healing and more hugs;o)

I know how it is to deal with the kiddos when you feel like road kill...Have you tried gurgling with salt water for your throat? It always helped get rid of the burning. If not try chewing 2 asprin. Yes, I said chew. It gets in the blood stream quicker.

Hope you get to feeling better QUICK!!!

frangela said...

Sorry to hear you feel so rotten! :(

Being sicks with kids is the worst! I personally depend on Nyquil, whether I have those symptoms or not! It just knocks me out for a goodnight's rest.

Hope you are feeling yourself soon!

Crystal said...

Hey sweet thang! Just jumping over hear to say that YOU ROCK!! And that I hope your feeling a little better? Hope so;o)

Donna said...

Just wanted to stop in and tell you how much I appreciate your comment to Crystal, about her Dad and I. That was SO sweet of you to do. And I'm really sorry you're feeling SO bad!! Maybe you should get a Dr. to check that throat..if it's strep, you'll need an antibiotic! Love, healing and hugs to you Sweetheart!

Stephanie said...

Sorry you are sick, but in your most recent post you said you were feeling a little better, glad to hear it.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~