Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Twintastic Tuesday!

Brooke and Lauren are being pretty entertaining here today. :) They are actually getting to the age where they are playing more together than just side by side. I love watching them. It is so amazing how their minds work and just how smart they really are.

The other day at my parents house they were first arguing over this one ride on toy that all the kids seem to need to have, although there are several ride on toys, this one is like the popcorn walker thing, yeah you know the one that makes a TON of noise. Yep, you got it, the one you only buy for other peoples children and not your own. lol Anyway... they were slightly arguing over it and I was trying to stay out of it, they weren't fighting and doing okay with trying to beg and plead with each other for a turn.

I went in the other room and here they come following me right in there, Lauren is riding it and Brooke is pushing it, and they are both happy and laughing and having a grand ol' time. I guess they figured out a way for them both to play with the one toy and have a good time doing it. :) It was so happy to see this. It was like they actually rationalized the situation out. And, this could also mean the beginning of fewer arguments and temper tantrums due to them fighting over one toy. :) You see, since they were born they pretty much have gotten two of EVERY. SINGLE. thing. Just because they are two babies and they really should each have their own stuff. Some things they only have one of because it was either Trevor's or they really only need one thing, like the play kitchen and their Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage and play furniture. But, the things that they seem to bicker over and want to have the same thing of are the things we have more than one of but they both want that ONE!! And when given the other one, they refuse it. Smart cookies I tell ya. But it is pretty frustrating, for them and for me. Thankfully though things have been going a lot better. They have been more compromising with me and what I try to pacify them with and also with sharing with one another and giving up a toy when the other sibling is really unhappy and crying for it.
So, back to the day at my parents house, they were laughing and having fun, they were both getting to play with "the" car of choice, things were going great. I then hear Lauren say to Brooke, "Brooke, I get you now." She then got up and let Brooke sit down and started to push Brooke around, they were both laughing so hard. It was hilarious. Then they stopped and Brooke let Lauren sit and said she was going to get Lauren now... they did this for a long time! (ab0ut 30 mins ~ which in toddler world is a life time!) :) I was so happy to watch them really enjoy playing together and having fun with one another. It was a proud mommy moment.
The other day at home they were fighting over this Learn Through Music toy, Brooke had it and Lauren wanted it, I'm not sure who had it first, but there was a lot of crying going on between both girls. Lauren was crying more, because Brooke actually had the toy still. So I asked Brooke why Lauren was sad, and she said "She's crying" and I said "I know she is crying, I think she is crying and sad because she wants to play with Dora toy too, (it has a Dora cartridge in it) and you are the only one getting to have a turn. So, can you let Lauren have a turn so she won't be sad any more? Please." and Brooke said " Oh yeah, sure." (really just like that she did!) ;) And she gave the toy right to Lauren to play with. Lauren stopped crying and took the toy. ;) And I told her that she would have to let Brooke play with it too, because Brooke had it first and also because it is nice to share, like Brooke shared with her. She smiled and shook her head yes at me, and then put the toy on the floor and said "here Brooke, you can play" and they played with it together for a few minutes before moving on to other toys. :) I love sharing, I love compromise. I just wish more people would do it and more often too. I, of course, being one of the people that needs to learn compromise. Aw, well no one is perfect.

The girls are getting so big so fast, this is nothing new, the last two years just flew by. I can't even begin to tell you how fast it has gone with them. Seems, literally, just like yesterday I was sitting at this very same computer trying to find some websites and groups about Twins so I could join them and gather some info and advice before I had the girls. It seems only like yesterday that I was still pregnant with them. It seems only like yesterday that I was going to have these two little miracles and add to our family. Give Trevor two little sisters. I'm not sure how the clock here got set on high speed but, man it could slow down some. The last few weeks, I have just seen such a difference in the girls. It is amazing. They are talking so much. They are growing like weeds, they are getting so very tall. They don't fit at all in size 24 months pants at all and only Brooke is good with a size 2T... but mostly they need size 3T jeans and they maybe a little roomy on them, but they are perfect for length... I have them in size 3T & 4T shirts, so they are comfy on them, they do still fit some size 2T but they aren't as comfy and are a little snug on them. They had to get new sneakers the other day too. Lauren needed a size 8 and Brooke needed a size 7 1/2 ~ and that is just in the brand that we got, we didn't measure their feet with the thing they use at the shoe store, just what shoes fit them. ;) They made it through winter with the same winter coats, which are 18-24 months, from Old Navy, I'm pleasantly surprised by this, but you can see that the sleeves are starting to get awfully short on them. :) But I'm also hoping that soon we won't need any damn winter coats!! and by soon I mean REALLY soon!!!
They are both really on the road for total potty training. As, I said before it is just me that needs to be trained, they are both ready. As soon as it is warmer out and they can be with less clothing on, b/c yes when it is freezing out, it is usually freezing in our house too, no matter how much propane we go through in a month. But anyway... as soon as we can have less clothing I'm sure they will be potty trained rather quickly, this will make me happy too, but this will be one more step from baby phase. Not that I want them to stay babies forever, I just don't want to see them be all grown up over night either. Like my Trevor boy, which I'll post about him in another post maybe today or another day, but I can't believe my boy is going to be going to kindergarten in the fall this year. He will be 5 the end of September. I just don't know when this all happened. He will no longer be home with me all day every day... he is going to be starting his real journey with school and I'm going to miss him so much. I miss him now when he goes to pre-school and I don't even send him every day. Anyway... the girls being potty trained will be a GREAT thing, and will save us a ton of money on diapers and pull ups. :) I look forward to the freedom and the savings, but not the public restrooms. You should hear me when I take Trevor in to go to the bathroom. You would swear I'm a total lunatic and that I definitely have a HUGE germ phobia... but neither are completely true... but before we even get to the bathrooms, I start telling him, don't touch anything in the bathroom, they are disgusting... please remember not to touch any thing at all. NOTHING. they are gross. Mommy will open the door. don't touch. okay... just wait. Mommy will open the door to the stall... okay now go in .... but DO. NOT. TOUCH. A. THING. Okay. Good job honey! just wait. I clean the seat with toilet paper and the bottom of my shoe, then i have him pull his sleeves up, and unbutton his pants, and get ready to pee, and I stand him in the toilet seat facing the wall, tell him to reach up high on the wall and pee... he does this. I say Okay now Mommy will take you down hold you hands up and DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING again okay. I'll fix your pants for you b/c your hands have germs. Then we go out and we both scrub our hands like we are going in for surgery, then I carefully make sure that we do NOT touch the garbage when throwing out the paper towel and that we don't even touch the paper towel thing with clean hands, and that we only use paper towel to now open the door to leave the infected place. And, when we come out about an hour later, my husband always wants to know what took so long. ~ just kidding we don't take very long, but we are careful and we always DO NOT TOUCH A THING!!!! yuck. And when and if he has to do #2 which is very rare, because he likes to be at home and relax and have his privacy, which I totally get, but when and if he does have to go in public... I then take hand sanitizer and a baby wipe, two things that I ALWAYS have with me, and I clean the potty seat and where his legs might touch and where he will hold on with his hands and then I let him go then we take care of what we have to and then we wash up like we are going in to surgery again. :) So anyway... I dread this with two little girls that think everything is pretty funny and although my son thinks things are funny the one thing he does NOT think is a joking matter is public bathrooms. He is scared out of his mind of them.. which in my mind means I have done well. I just hope I can give them the same experience. It is going to be a challenge b/c of two of them, but we'll see. At least now I have some practice. :)
Well since this has taken me a long time to post, because of changing pampers and clothes and putting the dog out and bringing her in and all that... I'm going to go. I have some things to get done today while I'm feeling some what okay, lousy, not great but better than dead and better than the weekend. :)
Thank you everyone for you well wishes and support. :) I hope to be feeling 100% soon. :)


Stephanie said...

My Lilly and Sophia trained early, ease, and completly naked, but it wasn't winter when they trained. Spring for Lilly and Fall for Sophia, so it wasn't too cold for them to be naked. I agree that nakedis the best.

I sound the same way in the public restrooms. "Don't touch the walls!" "No you can't crawl on the floor under the door to get out!" "Why? Because it's discusting."

Wish my girls shared better. Let me clarify, I wish they shared better with each other, other children they have no problems sharing with.

Lil Mouse said...

glad you're planning on potty training "early" versus letting them choose themselves. that's a nightmare. i saw that with all of my nieces and nephews. so gross.

LaskiGal said...

I love, love this post. I totally understand the bathroom phobia! I can't imagine what I'll do when J gets bigger! Ugh.

"I just don't know when this all happened." Oh, you pull at my heartstrings. I have to remember to cherish each and every moment. I mean, I can still remember them showing him to me for the first time. And now, he sits, he smiles, he laughs, he scoots, he eats food . . .

Awesome post!

Jennifer said...

stephanie ~ naked is def the way to go, less mess to clean and less wash to do, plus i think they are more aware of when they have to go to the bathroom when they are naked. this seems to work best in warmer weather though. it is too cold to even be naked in the house. so for now we go when they have a pamper change or before bath and suff like that... they are VERY interested. I hope we can keep them so interested until warmer weather. I think so. plus they say girls are easier than boys, so we'll see. my son wasn't so bad, but he wasn't as easy as my friends daughter either. could be just her though. my niece has no desire to use the toilet and I me NONE.AT.ALL and she is over three. oh well she'll get it I guess.
Why do they always want to crawl on the floor, in the public bathroom?? why oh why??? uh! freaks me out!! and i think they should have at least one child more-friendly stall without the damn sanitary box that seems to just scream to kids "touch me!! TOUCH ME!!!" while I'm screming DO NOT TOUCH THAT!!! DO NOT!!! DON'T EVEN ASK... JUSt DO NOT TOUCH IT!!
yeah. public bathrooms and kids are soooo fun!! grrrrr!!
thanks for the comment!!

lil' mouse ~ yeah. they are going at this very easy so i actually am going with the flow of them... i'm glad they are into it now... their poop is already getting gross and they are only a little over two I can't imagine changing poop diapers for much longer!! yuck! :)
thanks for the comment!

Laskigal~ thanks for the comment and the compliment!!
i'm so glad i'm not alone in my bathroom phobia, i may be a little bit worse than i posted, but out of fear of being considered extremely wierd i down played it some... well only a very little bit, b/c all in all i can't help it public bathrooms are just plain ol' DISGUSTING!!! with a capital EWE ~ YUCK!!!
When J gets bigger you just bring lots of baby wipes and hand sanitizer with you and clean the hell out of the bathroom. and then clean the hell out of J. lol :)
i can also remember the first time i held all my children too, amazing how that feels. :)
I'm sure you are cherishing every single moment with your son. he is beautiful by the way! you are doing a good job documenting it all too so you have help to remember it all later. (like the baby stations set up all over your house that you do with him. :) ) They do grow up very fast, but don't worry you have some time. It almost seems like the more kids you have the faster the time goes only b/c I think you are just busier. :) keep posting pics and stories about lil' j so i can keep enjoying him too!! :)
thank you again for the comment and compliment on my post today.

Hugs to you all!! Jenn

PS Laski ~ tonight is AI... can't wait to see what you think of it!! I'll be reading tomorrow!!

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