Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank you...

Dear Judy @ Collection Agency XYZ,
I wanted to send you a lovely letter thanking you so very much for your complete kindness to me today on the phone. I was embarrassed and feeling horrible to have to call your company. I assume that many people feel that way when having to deal with a collection agency, well on the "owing" end of it anyway.
I was going to send a letter to you at your agency, in the return envelope, but I didn't want to get you in trouble for "helping" me. You only gave me my own account information, the balance and what had been done with the account, but I know you could and would get in "trouble" for helping me. I just want to say: Screw the company you are working for!! They are only doing their job, I know. But, sometimes it really is nice to get treated like a human being when you are making an unpleasant phone call.
I really appreciate how kind, helpful and above all, friendly you were to me. You treated me like a human. :) Maybe you have been in my position, maybe not, but your kindness really touched me!!
Thank you very much, and I hope you have a very kind day too!
Sincerely, Jennifer


Allie Bear said...

It's always nice to get real person on the other end of the line. Unfortunately, it is usually a surprise since people are so rude nowdays and I can only imagine what collection agency operators have to deal with to make them act so rude. Glad you found the needle in the haystack.

Crystal said...

Sometimes I think it takes a certain type person to do collections...That being said, it isn't my line of work. And even after a year of me being kind, patient, helpful and all that...You don't pay your plumbing bill and i'm gonna come to your house with a big bag of cement and poor it all down your outside clean out in the middle of the night. LOL! Just kidding but it is a true story with a guy I use to work with;o) Have a good evening sweet!

Nina said...

I love it when people are nice just because they can be. Makes my day.

Ecky said...

It's rare but you can find nice people indeed.

LaskiGal said...

You got a REAL person who was REALLY kind to you . . . is this REALITY or fantasy? Such a rare, rare find. Glad you FOUND it!

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