Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen!

Today is Thursday right?? I'm loosing track of my days here! ; )

~Thirteen things I can't wait for~
1. I can't wait for Day Lights Saving Time to come!! I think that will make me feel a lot better and help with feeling like there aren't enough hours in the days, and days in the week to get things done.
2. I can't wait for warm weather to come. The snow the other day was quite impressive and in a way beautiful, but it was over 12" in two days... I don't want to see any more!
3. I can't wait till we don't need to put 3-5 layers of clothing on to go outside or to do anything. Sleigh riding has been fun, but I'm sick of dressing my kids and myself for the Arctic every time we think about leaving the house.
4. I can't wait for me to have more ambition and energy to train myself with taking the girls to the potty ~ they are both ready, it is just me. I guess stripping off 4 layers every time I take them to the bathroom, then having to redress them again in the 4 layers is what is making me lazy about it all.
5. I can't wait to go on vacation. Some where. Any where! I can't wait to pack! I can't wait to be away from the every day grind.
6. I can't wait to loose some weight. Although I haven't been doing much about this, well that is a understatement actually I haven't been doing anything at all to help loose weight. But I still can't wait for it to go away! ;)
7. I can't wait till we can be outside all day long, every day. Have camp fires, roast marsh mellows, barbecue, eat outside, go to the lake, set up the pool, ride bikes, go for walks, open the windows and smell nice fresh air all the time.
8. I can't wait for things to just get better for everyone. It seems like everyone around me has something going on with them that just isn't going 100% for them right now.
9. I can't wait for Easter egg coloring. Everyone is always together and happy! The kids have a blast and get all messy! And we have a ton of eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide. ~ it also makes it seem like Spring is really going to come!
10. I can't wait to live in a different house. Although I'm not really sure when this will happen. I'm anxious to think about moving and living some where new/different. We have outgrown this house, and we don't own it.
11. I can't wait to win the lotto and not worry about bills ever again! ~ okay this one is a little out of reach, I don't even play the lotto... but a girl can dream.
12. I can't wait to one day go on a cruise. I have never been on one, and think it will be so much fun, and such a great experience for the entire family!
13. I can't wait to take the kids to Disney World, when they are a little bit older, like in 2 years or so, and watch their faces light up in amazement! I know they will LOVE it!!
There are at least another 26 things I can't wait for, but since it is Thursday Thirteen I'll leave you all with this list. :)
Have a wonderful day!!


Crystal said...

Girl, you need to move to Texas and come over to my house! I'll have you giggling like a 13 year old, looking sexier than a super model, have them kids potty trained in less than a week AND give you some MUCH needed....warm weather;o) (((HUGS))) to you sweet!

LaskiGal said...

I am so with you about the weather . . . It is time for a change! I'm beginning to hate snow/slush men.

So not looking forward to the whole potty training. I really don't want to have to clean up "man poop."

Lil Mouse said...

i'm reading even if i dont comment every day!

Sandy C. said...

Jenn, I am right there with you on of these! Honest...well, except the house and cruise. We just moved into a creep-o-rama house full of issues and I get serious motion sickness, so those are not applicable. BUt the rest.....I feel you! I wish we lived closer. We could venture into the potty training world together and hope for better weather :)

HRH said...

Love the list...I just notice that Crystal above just offered to potty train your children...since I live in TX I am hunting her down to see if she means it! haha Hope the snow leaves you warm and toasty soon.

HRH said...

I noticed you are the only person in the world who has Just a Happy Haiku on your nice of you! I left you a little poem there to honor that amazing feat.

Jennifer said...

crystal, i'm sorry it took me so long to respond to this comment, but i've been packing. i'm all ready to load the kids up and drive on down to TX. I've driven there, well rode, while my dad drove there once before, it shouldn't be hard to make it from NY to TX right?? lol :) you are so sweet! I truly wish I could jump in the truck and come down for some warm weather and girl time/company!! You are a true blessing of a friend!! xoxoxo

Laskigal ~ i really have had enough of mother nature and her cruel idea of fun! snow is not good any more. we had a semi white xmas, that was all i needed.
as far as potty training goes, i really hope i can get my act together before they loose interest and decide that wearing pampers till they are 30 is a good idea. ;) thanks for the comment. xoxoox

Lil' Mouse, thanks for your support. :) xoxoxox

Sandy, like i told Crystal, i can pack it up and be there soon. :) i think that we would get along great and i think that the kids would love one another! ;) Mass isn't too far. ;) lol the sun has been out today which gives me great hope about warmer weather being right around the corner!! even though we aren't neighbors down the road at least we are blog neighbors, i'm glad i found you! :)
thank you for all your support and being such a great friend!! xoxoxoxox

hrh ~ i say go for it. Crystal is a total sweetheart and she has potty trained a girl and a boy before. i'm almost sure she wouldn't mind. :) i'm so jealous of all you southerners, i want warm weather and sunshine all the time, or at least no snow and ice and 16 degree weather with a wind chill of OH MY GOD!! ;) thanks for the comment!! xoxoxoxoxox

hrh ~ i read the poem you wrote for me, you are too kind! i love that blog... you are talented and they always make me smile and feel happy when i read them. thank you again. :) xoxooxox

Stephanie said...

I am so sick of winter here too. We don't have 12+ inches of snow, but here it teases you. This weekend it was 60's and 70's and then Monday it was 30's and today 20's, so not fair.

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