Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Before I do my Wordless Wednesday, which I am going to try to do today, I thought I would post a little something something, since I didn't get to post yesterday.

So lets see what is new?? I'll go through the list of my family.

Bryan. He got news yesterday about the surgery they did on his grandfather on Monday was successful. They had gone in to see if they could get part of the mass that is on his bladder to see what it is. While they were doing that they found something like a flap that keeps covering his bladder when he tries to urinate, which is causing him great difficult to void. The doctor cut as much of the flap off as he safely could, so they are hoping that this helps with his bathroom problem. The other good news is that he did okay during the surgery. He had to be put under, and they were concerned about this. Of course, with anyone that has heart problems there is a greater risk when putting them under anesthesia, but thankfully he did okay. At one point his blood pressure was up, but they got him stabilized and he is now doing great. :) We are still waiting with baited breath to hear word on hear surgery. The blood clot he has in his heart is still there, they have him on blood thinners through intervenes, which we hope help to move this along, but they have to wait until that moves before proceeding with the surgery. Of course, he is antsy and doesn't want to be in the hospital any more. He has been there for almost 2 months now. That is a long time. I know I would be going crazy and want to be home too.
Bryan also bowled last night for a league that he fills in on when they need him, and he did well. He bowled a 230 something and then 180 something two times. I love to go bowling, but when I bowl I'm lucky to reach 100, and that doesn't always happen either. lol

Trevor. Trevor is doing good. He got a day off of school yesterday. I let him play hooky. He had asked, and I knew I was going to be doing a few things and going to town and getting to see my dad so I let him. He was a good boy so it all worked out okay. I know that some people think I'm creating a monster with letting him stay home all the time from school.... BUT in my defense, not that I really feel that I need to make excuses for my choices, BUT I will explain my thinking... He is ONLY in pre-school. Yes this is important to teach him that he cannot just stay home whenever he wants for when he goes to regular school, BUT this is still ONLY pre-school. He has time to understand and learn the difference. Really he is only 4 years old, and it is a full day of school, he gets on the bus at 8:10 AM and then gets off the bus at 3:45 PM or if I pick him up he gets out of school at 3:15 PM or so. Anyway you look at it is a long day for a 4 year old. Plus he is a smart boy, once explained to him that he has to go every day next year, and we can't just take days off because we want to he will get it. I'm sure. And, I won't be so easy to just keep him home. This is the last year, that I can just keep him home with me. The summer will come and go before I know it and then it will be Fall again and time for him to start kindergarten, and then for the next 13 years he will be a slave to school and I will miss my little boy. Okay that is quite dramatic, but really he has his whole life in front of him to go to school, this is the time to play hooky and stay home with mommy! You are only little once!!!
So anyway, that is how I feel about that.
Him and Zoe are still loving each other. The newness has not worn off, and I don't think it will. He is still just as crazy for her as when we first brought her home. He sits with her and he still sings songs to her about her being his best friend. Too cute. A boy and his dog, best of friends. They have been falling asleep together on the couch at nap time and occasionally at bedtime too, and yesterday I found her sleeping in his bed with him during nap time. I got some great pictures. As much as I was hesitant on getting a dog while having three young children, a cat, 4 sugar gliders and a house to take care of, she really isn't that much work, she is a good girl and the love between my boy and her is truly priceless. It was a good choice to get her, and it worked out to be the perfect time too.

Lauren. Lauren is cracking us up left and right. She has been making the best faces all the time. She has always done little looks and moved her eyes in ways that just make you laugh! She is doing it even more. The other night at dinner she was eating well at least making a show like she was eating and looking around the table at everyone with this silly face, and Bryan was telling her to stop fooling around and eat. We all tried to keep a straight face, but she was so funny I couldn't hold it in anymore, I started by covering my mouth with my napkin but then my whole body started shaking, that is when the gig was up. Then Bryan started laughing and Trevor and Brooke joined in. Lauren was quite pleased by her results. :) She is so sweet and funny, I hope she stays this way. I think that although we only have flashes of terrible twos here and there, for the most part they are really not experiencing them, so I'm fearful of when they will hit. I know some say at three or four... but I hope we just pass them by. I'm more into the terrific stages not the terrible ones.

Brooke. Brooke has been cracking us up too lately. She keeps on saying "You Know!" and really I didn't even know I said that until I heard her say it yesterday. It was quite funny. She spilled her bottle of water, only a little bit.
I hear her say: "You Know!" quite mad in fact
and I say: "Brooke what happened?"
and she says: " I pill my water! You Know!" still aggravated by it
and I was cracking up by now... and tried to tell her it was okay we could clean it up, but she had attitude and was so mad that she pilled her water. lol
so I said: "It's okay, mommy will clean it up for you."
and she says: "okay. I pill my water over there." and points me in the direction.
so I cleaned it up and said to her: " Mommy cleaned it all up, please don't pill your water again."
she says: " No I PILL my water!" really annoyed with me!
and I said: "Oh! You SSSpilled your water?"
and she says: "Yeah!" with a big smile! :)
Life as all good with Brooke once we got her water cleaned up. :) I think it is so funny how they try to mimic me and Bryan and even Trevor at times. :) They are talking so much and getting so smart and so big it is unreal. Who knows what she will say today even. I love hearing them play and talk to one another too. It is really great how well they get along. And not even just the girls but all three of them, and sometimes one gets left out, but not usually. I hope they all always enjoy playing with each other and including everyone. I know this won't really happen, but I can hope can't I?

And as for me. Well I have another cold or the same cold but it is shape changer. I have a runny nose one minute and then the next I'm so stuffed up I cannot breath through my nose at all and have to breath through my mouth, which is NOT fun. And I'm still coughing up a lung!! :( I didn't sleep much last night do to my coughing fits, and I had Bryan telling me to take something, but I have tried and nothing helps. I was so exhausted and too lazy to get up out of bed, so he slept on the couch last night... which was okay with me, I didn't really sleep much any way, but I slept better because then I would just cough and not worry every. single. time that I was waking him up or bothering him. Oh well. I'm hoping for nice weather and green grass soon so that I can get fresh air in this house and get rid of all old closed up germs. The daylights saving time is GREAT... I'm in heaven with it... but I would love to now have warm sunny days and green grass, NO snow of course!! I guess that is just the way, we are never happy with what we have. :) BUT, I am going to try to not complain about the heat this summer or the humidity, or anything like that, I've spent all winter wanting warm days and hot sunshine and green grass, I'm going to enjoy every. single. minute of it!! Really. (I'm going to try at least!) lol :)

So that is all that is going on here... well for now. But I have to run. I'm going to drive Trevor to school so that means I have to get everyone ready and get out the door soon. I'll be back to post for WordLESS Wednesday later...


Crystal said...

I hopped over to say hi and to let you know i'm stepping out for lunch but i'll be back to read when I do;o)

Jill Leigh said...

Hi lover....I'm glad you and the kiddies are having fun together. I have a cold too!! So does Jer. We are both miserable. I feel you pain lol. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe if everybody is feeling better this weekend, we can hang out!! I need another fix from your munchkins before I go into withdrawal again lol. I love you alll!!!!!

Lil Mouse said...

it is so funny when kids repeat stuff. there was a little girl that took to me she was just someone i saw a couple of times a year, but before she knew to be shy, she kept trying to take her shoes off, as i had mine off because it was summer and i was wearing sandals. her mom didnt want her shoes off, but she was determined! and i was sitting there talking, and someone would say something and i would kind of dryly say 'well, there is that' -- kind of like an extended version of 'YUP'-- and we said something else and this little girl pipes up with 'well there is that!' and grinned really big. now she doesnt see me and the last time i tried to talk to her she acted shy, so that's kind of sad, its nice to have good relations with other peoples' kids.. well anyway, cute cute cute!

Allie Bear said...

You should get a Wii (if you don't already have one) and bowl on there, I totally rock at wii bowling. Okay, now I'm going to read the rest of this post. :)

Crystal said...

GIRL, I use to be the bowling QUEEN!!!MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'll even hit the pins in the OTHER lane too if your not looking! LOL! (don't ask);o) Sounds pretty corny but when I was married me and the ex would take off the whole day of our anniversary and spend the day playing put-put and bowling. We use to race go-carts until he couldn't stand me kicken his ass all the time, LOL!

Colds are NEVER a good thing so keep things clean and disinfected so you guys don't catch it again! This weekend i'm doing ALL my spring cleaning! I CAN NOT wait! I'm like a mad woman with a trash bag. If you don't hide it it'll disappear I tell you!;) Everyone ducks for cover holding on tight to every thing they hold dear, LOL! MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I promise...I haven't had ANY chocolate OR caffine today. The sun is out and i'm feelin right with the world;) Much better then the last couple of days anyway. Hope that cold gets better soon sweet!

PS: I also posted todays Wordless Wednesday along with today's other post..

frangela said...

You know? My mom used to give my sister and I a day a month to play hooky! It was our choice when to use it, but we couldn't miss tests or anything super duper important. It was a nice Get Out of Jail card! And you know what? I just realized that I still do it for work - teehee! Although not so quite every month, probably every other and on a random day. Can't be too, too obvious! :)

Sandy C. said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well. I hope his grandfather is able to come home soon.

As for the bowling, sounds like hubby is a great bowler! I loved to go bowling too. lol and yes, scoring 100 is rare for me too, but it's still fun :)

Your girls sound like they're having a blast developing their speech "You know?" :) Too cute! I hope you're cold gets better. Take it easy and rest up! I agree with you 100% about Trevor, it is ONLY preschool.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday!

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