Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting Organized...

I was conversating with Sandy at Momisodes about the lack of time in the day to get everything done. I'm sure we are not alone in our quest to find more hours to do everything we need and want to do during the day. :) Those that have children and even those that don't know the amount of time you need to devote to other things in life than blogging and your computer. :) It makes it a little hard to do blog 365 and even just regular updated blogging.
I signed up for blog 365, but altered it a little bit to suite me better. I said I would post 365 posts this year on my blog... so far I'm still ahead of the game, even though I did skip about a week of blogging. So this is still a contribution to the blog 365 and it will also keep friends and family and new blogger friends involved in our lives and also give updates on all that is going on... but I'm not chained to the computer either. I know that there will be times when we are away camping, that I won't have access to computer or internet and honestly, I'll look forward to those days of rest and relaxation. I mean really who goes camping to spend the time on the computer? You are supposed to enjoy the fresh air and playing with your children all day long outside and walks/hikes, campfires, eating outdoors and b.b.q-ing.
This might be another idea for some of you too, to post 365 times this year to your blog instead of trying to blog every single day. Some days you may have some extra time, and you want to post about all the updates in your family, friends, work, life whatever is going on and then you may want to post again but with some pictures, or something funny, or maybe even a survey (meme --->sorry Allie). Then you get your fill of 365 posts without the stress of blogging every. single. solitary. day. of. your. life. this year and feel chained to your keyboard. :) Just a thought.
I got up earlier than normal this morning, and it actually felt great! I had slept on the couch last night, STILL COUGHING!!! So I heard something that woke me right up... something actually digging under my house, on the bottom of the living room floor. Great. I know. It is probably a gofer... they always are under our house in the dirt basement. That isn't even the worst part, they have friends... yeah. Isn't that lovely. Wait till I tell you what the "friends" are... they have SKUNK friends, that like to "mark" their territory or mark something... they spray under our house in the dirt basement and damn our whole house stinks to high heaven... this happened about a month ago. Thankfully this morning I only heard digging and there was no skunk smell. I cannot deal with that... it is so strong and so potent that it just kills you... gives me an instant migraine... and I light a million and two candles, literally almost that many, and then I try to air out the house as best I can, although it is hard when it is only 20 degrees out and a wind chill of below zero... but anyway... this is not the point I wanted to make. I got up early this morning only at about 6:40 AM or so... so not too early and not as early as some of you may get up, but earlier than I usually get up, and man I felt great. I got up and started the dryer and then started another load of laundry in the wash, came up stairs, cleaned my bathroom, straightened up my kitchen counter, folded some laundry, picked up toys, made Trevor's lunch and did a bunch of other things. I had to be quiet while accomplishing my tasks b/c everyone was still sleeping, but that is what made it beautiful, before anyone was even up I got to get a bunch of stuff done. I loved it. I think every morning I'm going to get up earlier than everyone else and than I normally do and get some things done. I feel so good still, just getting to check some things off my "To Do List" already makes it a good day. :) And I feel like I have a lot more energy and also time today to do other things. For instance, type on here this morning... the girls are just waking up I hear them talking in their bedroom, and I walked Trevor to the bus, he is off to school I have some "chores" done, so I don't feel guilty sitting here typing away like I'm neglecting anything.
This schedule will work really good come summer time too... or even when the warmer weather comes to this neck of the woods, then I will be able to be up and get most of the house work done so the rest of the day the kids and I can do fun things outside or where ever!!
Who would have ever thought if you need more time in your day to get up earlier... duh?! lol
Seems pretty simple when I put it that way... but really I hadn't thought of it like that until now.
I'll be back in a little bit to do Thursday Thirteen, I know I missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday... but I'll get around to it sometime... I hope.


clickmom said...

Oh my, you do more before dawn than I manage all day!

HRH said...

I love getting up a little early. Well, I love it after I do it. Not such a big fan of the actual getting out of bed thing!

I love doing blog365, but somedays are much more simple posts then others. Like today...not much time, but I always feel like if I at least get a picture up it shows some effort. The bottom line is that I am blogging for myself first so posting something that amuses me is all I really need to accomplish...which relieves any pressure.

Crystal said...

You been a bust little beaver haven't you!! Way to go girl;o) I LOVE getting up before everyone else does and that's why I work out so early in the mornings. Well...when I WAS working out! It gives me time to relax, wake up, exercise, read while walking, messing around on the computer and taking a shower without kids interupting or what not. It also makes you feel better through out your day too. Kind of like and all day energy boost to where you didn't have much of one before or at least I didn't. Enjoy your day and have some fun today sweet;o)

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