Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Second Post for Today... check out my other one too! :)

thirteen random things...
because I have no idea what to do my TT about today
and really want to do one just to do it,
but don't feel like coming up with an idea.
  1. My house is pretty warm inside today... seems like a while since I was actually REALLY warm in the house. I hope this is a sign that WARMER weather is coming soon!
  2. I'm really, very happy about Daylights Savings Time, it makes the days so much longer and brighter and really happier around here and I don't mean to bitch and complain but now I cannot wait for green grass and sunshine all day!!
  3. Brooke & Lauren will NOT stay out of the bathroom! They are continually in there **"Washing their hands" which is code for MAKING A MESS & USING UP ALL THE SOAP!!!
  4. I have kindergarten registration for Trevor today, which makes it seem a little more real that he will actually be going to kindergarten in the Fall. When did this happen?
  5. When I say When did this happen? I really want to know when this happened. I cannot even begin to fathom the idea that my little boy is going to be 5 and go to kindergarten. I honestly feel like I"m making it all up just to have something to talk about, but it is real. wow
  6. I have a little over an hour until I have to leave to register Trevor for kindergarten, so I should get up and start getting the girls and myself ready to go.
  7. The sun just came out and it looks so nice out, well at least the sunshine does, the barren trees, dead grass and dirty snow looks horribly depressing.
  8. Lauren and Brooke are in the living room singing and dancing to Ring Around the Rosie, but all they sing is ashes ashes ashes ashes ashes ashes ashes ashes ashes ashes ashes, we all fall down then they start over again with ashes. Pretty cute!!
  9. Trevor took the bus into school this morning, first time this week. He said he had to ride the bus because he knew that Stella (his bus driver) really really missed him a lot.
  10. I think I might kidnap Trevor from school after I'm done with my appointment there. Hey, I'll be there already and plus it will save me a trip there later. And most important I'll have my boy home with me. :)
  11. Brooke & Lauren both always really want to get into the dog crate, and play, but it is gross in there, although she doesn't mess in there any more and I clean it regularly, it is still a Dog Crate. Gross!!!
  12. I actually hung up some clothes on the new bar Bryan made for me in the "closet" in my room today, although it has been up for about 2 weeks. I know I'm on the ball aren't I?
  13. I'm actually going to get up from the computer and walk away after I type this last line and hit "Publish Post" and get things ready for us to leave.


frangela said...

#5 I think this And multiple times a day! It seems like they just grow inches every night! I can't get over it and I don't think I ever will!

#9 How sweet!!! Children are so amazing. What a thoughtful boy you are raising!

#11 The dog crate is an obsession in our house too. I've gotten better at closing it when we let the dog out for the day, but he still pulls with all his might to try to open it. Funny!

Thank you for your sweet comments! I think I needed to hear that! Every once in a while people outside of us bring concerns to me and I let them get to me. I have to get better at stopping and hold on to the values we have! There's nothing wrong with them! :)

Allie Bear said...

Nicholas and Princess used to play in the dog kennel all the time, Susie never ever messed in it so it wasn't gross either. I have so many pictures of Nicholas in it, I would look for him and there he was, in the kennel.

Allie Bear said...

Oh I also forgot to say that sometimes I think, wow Nicholas is getting big, where did the time go? but mostly I'm just glad he's growing up, I'm pretty certain I am the weirdest mother ever. I can't wait till they're 18 or at least until Sophia can speak understandably.

Crystal said...

Registering for kindergarten eh? It's a whole other world once they start school. I love going to all the open houses and field days and during the holidays I take off work to go to all the party's. SUCH FUN!!!

I think my next comment is concerning the one below this but I just thought about it and am too lazy to go back to recomment so i'm doing it here;) It's about the blogging thing and posting all of the time. I guess we all do this for different reasons, blogging that is. My whole reason was to start a diary of sorts for my kids to read in the future or if anything bad were to happen, they could reflect on my thoughts of them and everyday life, love and happiness. But, along the way I have met some FANTASTIC people, like you my dear sweet Jennifer, and find myself drawn to blogging because of the friendship you all offer. You are wonderful people with interesting lives and the thoughts that you write down really can help in other peoples lives. The comments and advice you all give have integrated into the reason why I do this and I can't help BUT love to blog. At times though, life does get crazy and you can't seem to find the time. I take that into account and when I know I wont be around to blog I kind of like hang a vacation sign up on one of my posts or right a little something to let everyone know what's up like Sandy has done. There are SO MANY understanding people out there that know what it is to be consumed at times. Sometimes it's only fair to that person if they take a step back until they can make it all come together or just not do certain things as much. When I first started this I would only blog maybe once or twice a month. I hope she and anyone else that feels this way knows that we'll always be here. That's what friends do. Even though it's just on the computer and not face to face, that person means something to me. I'll still be around;o) Enjoy your day sweet, my fingers are hurting now from typing this long winded comment!

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