Monday, March 10, 2008

Undies, Pee Pee and Pooh! Oh MY!~

So if you aren't into hearing about potty training or bathroom stuff then you can just read the other post I have for today... about my nephew turning 3 today!!!

If you are interested in hearing the saga of potty training two, two year old little girls then read right along! :)

Brooke & Lauren turned two on October 6th 2007 so they are...
Two years old & 5 months...
or 126 Weeks old
or 28 Months old
or 886 Days old
or 21240 Hours old
or 1274408 Minutes old
or 76464537 Seconds old
Anyway... I'm sure you get the point. They have been working on potty training for a while now... and when I say they I mean THEY as in the girls themselves. Not really me. Well a little bit of encouragement and some help along the way, but not a lot of pushing. They are young still and although I would LOVE for them to be potty trained I didn't think it was time to really push the issue. They, however, were doing GREAT. I think this comes from a few things...
1. they are girls, I think girls potty train faster than little boys, but I'm not 100% on this.
2. they are younger siblings... so they have someone not that much older than them using the toilet so they get the whole Potty Business thing.
3. They always have to go in the bathroom with me, and really who ever else will let them in. lol
4. There are two of them to see the other go to the bathroom makes them want to go too. :) As with most things in life... ie. Lauren has a boo boo and needs a band aid, well then Lauren needs a band aid too, and if Brooke is getting Tylenol for some reason well then Lauren will beg for it also. If someone gets a pamper change then everyone needs one. Sometimes funny, sometimes annoying. lol Most of the time it's just life... we do it because we have always done everything with them twice. :)
Anyway... they had a few days were they were only using the potty... almost no accidents in their pull-ups... life was great. I thought they were pretty much potty trained. I couldn't have been more happy! Less money being spent on pampers and pull-ups and less changing them!! Yippee!! I know that a lot of others have been changing pampers for longer than I have, but I've been changing pampers for almost 4/12 years and really if you count the girls separate it has really been more like 9 1/2 years! That is a long time! :)
So after they had done so well with the pull-ups we went shopping!! We made HUGE deal of it too!! We went to buy some BIG GIRL UNDIES!! Yippee!! Everyone was happy! We went into the undergarment isle at the store and the girls each picked out the kind of undies they wanted... they both picked the same thing too! Dora! They were so proud and so happy they carried the packages of undies around the entire store! :) Even Trevor got new undies, since the girls were getting we couldn't leave him out! :) It was a good night! I bought new undershirts for the girls too, because they have still been wearing onesies, which snap at the crotch and are a little hard to get undone and not dip into the potty while training. :) So we were set, BIG GIRL UNDIES and new BIG girl undershirts!! Yay!!! I also picked up some comfy easy on and off cotton pants for the girls so that potty time would be easier and also if I had to change them a few times b/c of accidents it would be easy clothes for that.
So the next morning we start the day with getting up and taking off pull-ups, and going right on the potty! Things are looking good, both girls made pee pee on the potty!! yay!
I'm thinking this is going to be pretty easy!! :)
We get dressed with our new undershirts and our new BIG GIRL UNDIES and our new pants and shirts!! Everyone is happy and ready for a potty training day!! :) Life is good!
Until they both pee their pants twice within about a 1/2 each time. And they both peed with in minutes of the other one doing it. I kept taking them to the bathroom they would sit for a minute or less then say they didn't have to go and get up.
It was frustrating but I kept my cool. Yelling and being angry with them was not going to help them to get potty trained.
So we went back to pull-ups for nap time and stayed with them ever since. It has been about a month or longer.
So the other day I thought I would try BIG GIRL UNDIES again! :) We have been doing potty stuff every now and then but not on a regular time schedule or anything, just in the morning and before bath or bedtime and sometimes during the day when they would ask. :) So I broke out the BGU and they were pretty happy again to wear them. They peed in them with in about 15-20 mins of having them on. GREAT. oh well. we tried. Then we were off for the day doing stuff so we just stuck with pull-ups.
Today again though I have been having them in some BGU and we have only had two successful pees on the potty and both were by Brooke. They have both gone through 3 pairs of BGU and are now in pull-ups to go get Trevor from school and also because when we come home it will be nap time for them both and I'm not in the mood to be changing two sets of bedding from accidents. So that was today and we'll see how after nap time goes. I think we are going to really give it a go this week and see what will happen.
If anyone has any ideas and or suggestions for helping to potty train little girls please feel free to share. We are pretty open to new ideas and thoughts and really would love to hear what worked for you! Or what didn't work or what you would suggest trying. :)
Well we are off to get our Big school boy! Toodles!!


Jill Leigh said...

I am not going to lie...Friday night when Lauren said she had to go potty, and I asked is she wanted to go on the toilet and she said yes, and then Brookie came too and Trevor joined in, I was a little bit overwhelmed. I don't know how you do that every time somebody has to go potty. It was insane!! I give you props honey bunches of oats!!! I miss you already. Hope you're having a great Monday!!!

Brittany said...

Good job on the potty training adventure. That is something I am soooo not looking forward to when I have children.

Sandy C. said...

OMG!!!! We are in the same boat, and I'M LOSING MY MIND!!! and I only have 1 kid. If I had twins I think I would be slitting both my wrists :)!!! Seriously, they weren't kidding when they said labor would be the easiest thing about parenting. Because

Thanks so much for for commiserating on my potty training post today too. I hope the pee pee gods come through for all of our girls soon and have all the urine in the house be in the potty!!!!

Crystal said...

ROFL!!! Sorry, I was NOT laughing..ahem..I am SOOOOO glad my kids are past this stage;o)

clickmom said...

1. so happy to be on the other side of that
2. my philosophy is that if they are able to pee on command then they can be potty trained. Just make them pee before they have to (no accidents) for a while and eventually they get the hang o fit and begin to tell you when they have to go and life is good and diaper free again
3. combined diaper time in my me: approx: 10 years.

jenn said...

I hopped over from crystal's.

My son, the oldest, was easy. One day, when he was about 2 1/2, he decided he was done wearing diapers. That was it. I don't remember many accidents. My second child, kasi, was horrible. She wanted no part of it. I'm ashamed to say she was over 4 before she was fully potty trained. My youngest, boo, trained herself. She was about 20 months old, and watched kasi do it, so she did it. She was by far the easiest. I think she wore diapers at night for a while, but by 2 she was in panties all day, with no accidents.

I guess what I'm saying is that boys or girls, I don't think one is easier than the other. I think it depends on the kid.

Good luck!

Ecky said...

Great job on the potty training, I myself have no experience with that kind of thing :)

Jennifer said...

Jilly~ my love. sorry i have been neglecting your comments, it isn't intentional, honest. i love ya! yeah, potty business around here is a family affair lol. thanks for helping out that night. :) it isn't always so crazy b/c usually it is just Trev or the girls not all three. :) thanks for the props though. :) much appreciated!
love ya!! xoxoxoxoxo

Brittany ~ thanks for the good luck wish. i think it isn't really that bad of a situation and in actuality it is a pretty fast process, just takes some patients and time, and a LOT of clean clothes and undies. lol I'm sure when you have children you will be great with it all. :)

Sandy~ it must just be something in the air. one minute they got it, the next they don't want to get it. this too shall pass... right? I mean they cannot be in pull-ups forever... can they?? ;) I really think as soon as the weather is better they will just get it. :) less clothing means faster time dressing and undressing for potty time, which will make us all more eager to potty train. :) we'll be celebrating soon enough that they are potty trained. :) (i hope)

Crystal ~ I had no idea you were so cruel. :) just kidding.. your comment made me laugh too. but remember you are the one that said you would potty train my children. ;) yeah. that's what I thought... who is laughing now. lol !! just kidding.

clickmom ~ you are right, i have to try to get more on the ball with taking them more often, I said in another post that it is really me that needs to be trained to train them to use the potty. i'm feeling lazy about taking them every five minutes. lol yesterday though I did take them about every 15 mins and we did okay with it. one day... one day they will be all potty trained.. thank goodness.

Jenn, thanks for the comment, glad to see you over here. i'll have to come check out your blog. :) I think you are right as far as it depending on the kid, i just wanted to trick myself into believing that they would be easier since they are girls. lol they will get it. like I said to sandy, this too shall pass... i hope. ;) thanks again for stopping by.

ecky, always nice to see your smiling picture!! :) thanks for the pat on the back. although i potty trained my son, i feel like i have no experience with it either. lol
oh well i guess we'll get it sooner or later.

Thank you everyone for your comments, and suggestions, support and advice... and yes, even your snickers. lol :) I appreciate it all.
hugs, jenn

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