Monday, March 31, 2008


Candle. Yes.

This is what Brooke JUST told me when I asked her what her baby's name was. She has this dolly with blond hair that is naked as is all their babies lately.... they just started doing this. Literally like 2 or 3 days ago, all the babies got stripped naked. lol Anyway... Brooke keeps bringing me a burp clothe and her babydoll to wrap her up.

So about the 6th time of wrapping her in her blanket I asked Brookie, what is your baby's name? And she said.... "Oh my baby?" Yeah. what is her name? "Oh. her name is candle" Candle? "um. her name candle" okay.

So that is it... the first name Brooke has given to any of her baby's or toys or anything is candle. :) LOL.

Not sure where she got the idea for candle, but it sure is interesting. I hope she never wants to name her first born after the first dolly she named! ha!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My oldest son named his doll, "Dr. Good" after his dentist. Who knows what they're thinking, but it sure is cute!

Stephanie said...


My girls always named them after their baby sister at the time. Lilly had an Aidan doll, Aidan had a Sophia doll, and Sophia has a Delilah doll. Don't know what Delilah will name hers, maybe after a cousin if my bro has another baby. Lilly's dolls are STILL naked, so it doesn't get any better.

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